31 Cute nail art designs to do at home on Raksha Bandhan

by Richa Sharma

This Raksha Bandhan, decorate your nails with amazingly cute nail art designs that can easily be done at home!

I just love doing nail art. And if it’s done at home with a few tricks here and there, without spending a fortune on those pricey nail spas, then nothing like it. So while I was trying to figure out a nail art design for myself to sport on Raksha Bandhan, I came across these fab ideas for DIY nail art at home. Sharing a few of them with you too.nail art at home 39

1. Stickers for a chic half moon: Half moon manis have created a stir and are really hot across all fashion circles. So try out this trend, with the help of simple round reinforcement stickers. Just stick it out on the lower half of your nail and paint the rest of the nail in a color of your choice. So whether you want to try a negative space mani on a nude nail or do this design in two tones is a personal preference. Go for a combo of white and hot pink for a cute look or choose gold and black for a more formal, sophisticated look.

2. Glitter top coat: This one is a personal favorite as it dazzles up my nails in a jiffy. So add some bling to your boring nail paint by topping it up with a clear glitter top coat. This design is easy and quick and instantly glams up  your boring monotonous nails. Can’t get simpler than this. Can it? And it also looks fab with your ethnic clothes.nail art at home 40

3. Gold marker: Get your creative side working and draw some cool free hand designs on your colored nails with a gold marker. It could be stripes, cute bows, floral designs, chevrons, geometrical patterns or even polka dots covering the full nail or restricting itself just to the tip. Besides, gold also adds a festive touch to your nails.nail art at home 41

4. Abstract: Now with this design, you have complete freedom to unleash the creativity inside you. Paint your nails with a light color base coat and use a brighter neon shade to draw an abstract design. So whether you want to scribble nail color with a brush to give your nails a graffiti-like effect or you want to splatter paint on your nails or rub off a sponge dipped in nail paint randomly on your nails, the options are endless.nail art at home 42

5. Rhinestones and studs: Stick rhinestones, pearls or studs on your painted nails to give your nails a cute and dainty look. Dip a rhinestone in some clear top coat and carefully place it wherever you intend to stick it on the nail. Make a design of your choice. Try it on all the nails or apply it on one of the nail, and make it stand out. And don’t forget to follow up with a clear base coat to help it stay put.



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