22 Gorgeous Indian wedding hairstyles for short hair

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Here are 22 amazing hairstyles for short hair apt for Indian wedding season. Trendy, chic and elegant. Now, look stunning this wedding season!

Hairstylists and trendsetters have predicted a revolution in the hairstyle for the upcoming wedding season. Yes! You heard me right. Winter is fast approaching and so are the marriage invites. While we pay too much emphasis on our outfit, very little do we think about our tresses. With long hair, there are plenty of options. Braids, buns, braided buns, chignons, open waves, curls and a lot more. However, those with short hair (and short curly hair) are often left with hardly any options. But, all you ladies with short hair, don’t you worry anymore. Zuri brings to you 22 awesome and really stylish hairstyles for you to flaunt this wedding season.Indian wedding hairstyles for short hair 01

All that you really need to for your short length hair is a bit of a twist. It could be in the form of an accessory or just about wearing a knot at the back or perhaps styling your curls sideways. The possibilities are infinite. And we are sure that you would have probably given these hairstyles a thought but perhaps you just got a bit lazy or didn’t execute it well.Indian wedding hairstyles for short hair 02

Whether attending a wedding of a relative or prepping up for your own D-day, just remember that thinking out of the box can only help you look stunning on that special day. Just as we give top priority to our makeup, wedding lehenga/saree/salwar kameez, and bridal shoes, same goes for hair too. The hairstyle needs to be appealing, should complement your outfit and enhance your overall look as well as personality. I do understand that ladies with short hair can fall short on the typical conventional look, but then who says that you need to look extremely traditional. A bit of an edgy look or styling yourself in a quirky, boho-chic way can be amazing too. A sassy bride is bound to get a lot more attention 😉Indian wedding hairstyles for short hair 03

So here are a few hairstyles that can be tried at home, easy-to-do, you can customize them at your end too. Whether your hair is curly, too short, short-to-medium in length, have no volume or have too much volume, these hairstyles are just apt.

Bobs with tight waves or curls at the bottom can look elegant on the mehndi or a cocktail night. A suave pixie cut with uniform curls starting from the crown can be super quirky, Try it out on the reception night. Team it up with an off-shoulder evening gown. A pixie cut can look equally stunning with a hair accessory such as a jewelled headgear. You can opt for side-swept bangs or asymmetrical bangs on the wedding day. Since the head is mostly covered with the chunni, the only way you can show off your hairstyle is through the strands of that bang being revealed from behind your ears and falling gently on your shoulder. That is neat and sexy. Uber-cool curly fringes, A-line and flip-out bob hair are also pretty ideal for the wedding day.Indian wedding hairstyles for short hair 04

Now that we have shared quite a few interesting hairstyle ideas with you, be sure to give atleast two of these trendy styles a go. Choose them carefully. See if it suits your face-cut and hair texture. Above all, stay gorgeous!



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