18 Stunning Indian post wedding hairstyles for long hair

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Check out 18 stunning Indian hairstyles apt for post-wedding functions and get-togethers. Now wear your long hair in style and look elegant as a new bride!

All you newly married brides out there, this post especially goes out for you. We know how you feel. Beautiful and probably a bit tired from all the dressing-up, a week-long ceremonies and rituals, perhaps a lot of running around too. So, now that you are through with the biggest and the most eventful day of your life, aren’t you glad that you have actually got some time to relax? But, looking good is equally important. Afterall, you are the new bride. We are sure that you have plenty of outfits to flaunt almost every day and in terms of makeup, there is so much one can do. A new lip color that matches your colourful, bright outfit, a saree or a lehenga or a saree-lehenga. You can wear your eyes smokey for a dinner party or add some glitter to the eye shadow that goes well with the blingy-dress for a night-out. Mascara, kajal, rosey cheeks, an embellished bindi that suits your face-cut. However, we recommend don’t just ignore your hair. A good hairstyle can further enhance your overall look. It should suit your hair length, texture, face-cut and the occasion.  

And therefore, Zuri brings to you 18 gorgeous post wedding hairstyles for long hair. They are meant for ladies with straight as well as curly hair. You can easily try them at home. Decorate them with a flower or other hair accessories easily available in the market. So, no need to fret over your looks while getting ready for the post-wedding lunch or dinner parties.

Stylish updos look particularly nice with a trendy Pakistani salwar kameez or an off-shoulder evening gown. A low bun goes well with a designer saree. These days middle partition is in vogue, so don’t hesitate to try it out (unless you have a long face). To add an amazing twist to your low bun, opt for side-knot or make it messy by backcombing the strands. A classic high ponytail is uber-cool with a lehenga. Again, you can tie it sideways or give it a bounce by backcombing the crown area or curling the length or by just about letting a few strands fall on your face while you tie up your waves with a side-partition. Whether going for a ponytail or a bun, there is another trendy twist that can be tried. A braid. Yes! You heard me right. A braided bun, or a braided ponytail adds a bit of a complexity to the overall look. Team it up with a western outfit or an Anarkali suit. Decorate your ears with a pair of ultra-chic dangling. And then there is an option of keeping your hair loose and open. But please don’t just straighten or curl them with an iron rod/curler. That’s plain and boring. Instead, style them well. Here are a few suggestions: (i) Twist a strand each from both the sides and pin them at the back; (ii) A simple spiral can do the trick. Pull back a few strands and secure it with an embellished hairpin. These two hairstyles suit all face cuts and hair textures.

So, all you newly married ladies, have fun while dressing up. Look awesome and enjoy these special days of your life. Have blissful life ahead!



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