Beauty Poll #42 – Hairstyle and personality

All you teenage girls out there. Do you often wonder, which hairstyle suits your personality? Find out by answering these 5 simple questions. Try them out right away. It’s so much fun!

Poll Tuesdays


If most of your answers are A’s: Your style reflects who you are and you happen to be a bit quirky. Straight hair is your style but you don’t mind a messy braid or a bun for a change. Just keep trying something new on special occasions, don’t just leave your hair straight always!

If most of your answers are B’s: Well! The fact isn’t hidden from us or the world! A sporty one who doesn’t quite fancy the term ‘dressing-up for an occasion’. Now, that is perfectly OK. But, who likes to keep her hair short forever? Isn’t it time that you graduate from keeping them really short to getting a hairstyle makeover for yourself? Pixie cut and a stylish beanie for an accessory can enhance your personality giving you an edge over others.

If most of your answers are C’s: An outgoing and a preppy girl like you like to flaunt the curls. You leave a remarkable impression with those gorgeous curls of yours. When in doubt, make a stylish updo or a ponytail and voila! There goes our sassy young lady <3


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