19 Trendy hairstyles to wear while pandal hopping 2015’s Durga Puja

by Mansi Kohli

Check out 10 trendy and super stylish hairstyles to flaunt this Durga Puja! Now, look glamorous while pandal hopping

Oct 18th, 2015 is when the Maha-Durgotsav festival will resound all over the state of Bengal and in other parts of the country. The four main days of Durga Puja- Saptami, Ashtami, Nobomi, and Dashami, is when you would be out and about, pandal hopping, enjoying street food, the bhog at the pandals, all while wearing chic couture and looking impeccably gorgeous. But have you decided on the hairdo you would be flaunting this season? If that is what has been worrying you of late, Zuri is here to present 19 trendy hairstyles to flaunt while revering the Goddess and hopping from one zone to the next.Trendy Hairstyles 01

1. Leave it loose and wet: Nothing beats the quintessential glamor and beauty of the bong diva; her long wet tresses even at social dos say it all.Trendy Hairstyles 02

2. For the girls who likes to faux things around: A curled faux bob hairdo seems to be an ideal way to garner compliments, and the best part is that the hairdo can match any ensemble you choose to doll up in.

3. Side messy braided hairdosWhile dressing up in chiffons and Bengal tant silk sarees, bring back that quaint touch of Suchitra Sen (yesteryear Bengali actress) with the messy side plaited braided hairdo, this Durga Puja 2015.Trendy Hairstyles 04

4. Long waves and tassels for the Saptami night: You would be attending plenty of social dos, gatherings and events galore while the festivities are on. And for that your hairdo must be apt and a showstopper too!

5. Sleek wavy curl hair bunsFor the most part of the day while offering Anjali and other rituals to invoke the blessings of the Goddess, you cannot but have your hair tied up to avoid distraction- do that in style!

6. A retro touch for the Ashtami night: Should you be dolled up in an ethnic number while attending the bhog ceremony, bring back a retro touch to spice things up with a chic bouffant updo!Trendy Hairstyles 07

7. A side swept twisted bunIf you would like to wear your hair in a bun, but not round – opt for the side-swept hairdo bun camouflaged with flowers as accessories.

8. A low messy bun with fringes: Cute, sassy, naughty and innocent at the same time; fringes makes anyone look years younger for sure and the low swept messy bun speaks of a daring nature!

9. A very Victorian soft bob lookTry the soft bob look which has touches of soft Victorian shades added to it, especially when the waves fall onto the right side of the face

10. Middle waterfall and wavesAnother of the trending and an all-time favorite bong beauty hairdo that would never go out of style for Durga Puja would be the middle waterfall and wave look

11. Fancy a faux bob: Pin up your hair beneath the portion where the hair ends and the neck nape begins, and crunch the remaining hair in front for a faux bob to flaunt!

12. Side messy hairdo with flowersBong beauties are known for their love towards flowers, which is why on special occasions a rose or two always sits pretty on their hairdos. Embellish the side hairdo this Nobomi and steal hearts with a messy flowery side hairdo!Trendy Hairstyles 13

13. Imitate Great Gatsby look: Wear a chic chunky headpiece and keep the flapper girl or Great Gatsby look for the heads to turn at the pandals!

14. Jazz up Nobomi with wild ringlets: Ringlets aren’t for the school and college going lasses alone- jazz up Durga Puja at the Nobomi night with plenty of wild ringlets!

15. Sleek it up: Should the climes be hot and humid, tie up that hair into a high bun and set it with mousse; embellish the bun with minimal oxidized hair accessories for a sleek diva look

We hope you enjoyed this post on the 19 trendy hairstyles to flaunt this Durga Puja, and should you have ideas on hairdos of your own- send in the suggestions, we love hearing from you always!


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