Top 16 chic nail art designs for short nails

by Mansi Kohli

Check out 16 awesome nail art designs for short nails for the upcoming festive season!

If you thought nail art was for the class with long French manicured nails alone, you were wrong! Today, we are all set to inspire you with amazing nail art designs for short nails. Ready for the dolling up spree!Nail Art Designs For Short Nails 19

Nail Art Designs For Short Nails 201. Black base with rainbow zig-zagsGet in the festive mood with a touch of rainbow zig-zags. Paint the base of the nail a dark shade of black, upon which you can embellish rainbow zig-zag stripes.

2. One design per nail: Grab hold of matte pink nail polish and a darker pastel shade. Paint all the nails in pink and let it dry. On the thumbs of each palm let the nail wear the shape of a heart in a dark colour, and maybe smaller hearts or stones on other nails for the chic effect.

3. Hello Kitty for the thumb: A little away from the stereotypical pink, Hello Kitty nail art in blue, white and black, why not? Keep the base matte dark blue, over which you could have zig-zag lines of white drawn per finger. For the thumbs on each palm, draw a white bow.Nail Art Designs For Short Nails 23

4. Droplets: What we love about this nail art designs for short nails is that it is easy to embellish and fun to get creative with. The base should be white while primary colours form the droplets and stains. On the rim of the nails, place a drop of the nail color you wish to use and hold your nails vertically straight, allowing the drops to form.

5. Pretty embossed polka dotted nailsPaint the base with a very dark matte color, one per finger. Next step; use a band-aid (the dotted portion) over the nails once dry. Apply a coat of a lighter colour for contrast over the band-aid patch, and allow the color to sink in. remove after you feel it has dried completely.

6. Semi-crystallized nails: For the festive season and to match your trousseau, a little bling on the nails wouldn’t kill. Keep half the nails (slanting) in a nude shade and the rest of the nail should be painted in a metallic sheen; embossed with tiny crystals.Nail Art Designs For Short Nails 26

7. Dalmatian nails: Loved the movie 101 Dalmatians, now let’s emulate the look of those wonderful doggies on our nails. Purple should be your base while the rim to the half of the nail should be painted white – over this, use a band-aid to emboss black polka dots. Wonderful nail art designs for short nails are all about imagination and creativity!

8. Acrylic white flowersA nude base and pretty white tiny flowers with tiniest polka dots– so delicate and feminine!

9. Psychedelic flowers: For the lovers of all things wild, whacky, nirvana and psychedelic, may we present a bouquet on each nail to emboss!

10. Purple globules: Spruce up the haute factor with globules in purple on a silver base-chic and ultra-luxe nails to flaunt!

11. Dusty gold and pink: Simple yet very elegantly decorative, keep the base of the nail in dark pink with the cuticle area dusted in gold sprinkles!Nail Art Designs For Short Nails 30

12. Berries on nails: Health freaks would love to have a bowl of berries anytime, so why not emulate that design on your nails too.

13. SnowflakesBlack base for the nails for all fingers, on which a snowflake pattern in white should be embossed for the winterish feel!

14. Different phases of the moon: Goddess Luna would be happiest seeing her daughters emboss her status on their nails. The base of the nail per finger should be black while the phases of the moon should be carefully drawn out in white and grey matte tones. Awesome nail art designs for short nails beyond your imagination, but easy to do!

15. Wise owl nails: Representing the wisest of all birds around, the Owl from Hogwarts is here to make you look pretty. The base of the nail should be white, with yellow for touches (optional). Owl prints on one or three nails maximum bring on the HARRY POTTER touch!

Enjoyed the nail art designs for short nails we hope? If you have ideas to share, send them in. We would love to hear from you!





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