18 New braid hairstyles for an ultimate festive look

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Check out 18 gorgeous and new braid hairstyles for upcoming Indian festivals. Now, celebrate Karwa Chauth, Diwali and New Year in style!

It’s festive time! With Karwa Chauth and Halloween next week, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Gurpurab, Christmas and New Year nearly knocking on our door, guess it’s time we focus on our looks! By looks, we just don’t mean freezing on an outfit, or shortlisting the right makeup look that goes well with your attire, but we got to have an ideal hairdo in mind too. A perfect hairstyle usually completes the overall look, adding style and glamour to one’s personality. That’s why Zuri has handpicked 18 different braid hairstyles that have evolved from 12 basic braid styles. So, this festive season, look chic with our recommended list of braid or inspired hairstyles!New braid hairstyles 01

New braid hairstyles 02It won’t be fair if we say that all the suggested hairstyles are easy-to-do. Well! Some of them are pretty simple and can be done at home while other hairdos need a bit of a practice. To make life less complicated, we are demonstrating those tricky ones through a step-by-step picture tutorial. Take a look at these awesome styles and try them out today:New braid hairstyles 03

1. Inside out braid: Ideal for a shoulder to long length hair, this braid style is pretty much like a typical French braid, but the only tweak in the how-to process is that we cross the left hair strands and right strands under the middle strand (and not over it).New braid hairstyles 04

2. Dutch braid: All you got to do is start making the braid from the centre of the hairline. Divide your hair into 3 strands and cross them underneath instead of over each other. There are atleast 3 variations that can be tried with this braid style. Opt for a side-Dutch, twisted double Dutch bun, or make a headband with the braid and wear it as a crown!New braid hairstyles 05

3. Milkmaid braid: This one braid hairstyle is ideal for a bridesmaid. A good twist to a typical braid is a bun style hairdo. Milkmaid braid goes well with western outfits, evening gowns and designer sarees with crop blouse.New braid hairstyles 064. Fishtail side braid: Here is a step-by-step picture tutorial for Fishtail braid. A bit of side twist adds glamor to the overall look. You can sport this hairstyle with a designer saree or an Anarkali suit. Infact, you are bound to look ultra chic in a lehenga on the mehndi night too!New braid hairstyles 07

5. Waterfall braid: The most romantic braid hairstyle of all times. Cascade or waterfall braid goes well with a sexy chaniya choli or a Pakistani salwar kameez. Take two sections of your hair and cross them over your hairline. Take a new section from the crown area of your head and let it fall on top of the other two sections. Now let loose the section of the hair you just placed, giving an impression of a waterfall. Grab hold of the bottom section of your hair and bring it over the waterfall hair strands to create another waterfall using a fresh section of hair. Slightly complicated but once you are in the flow, it all falls in place.New braid hairstyles 08

6. Mermaid braid: Follow these 8 easy steps for a mermaid inspired braid hairstyle which is not just suave but stylish too.New braid hairstyles 09

7. Lace or Carousel braid: A unique hairstyle and extremely intricate. This one goes well with a beach dress or an elegant evening gown. Try it out on a friend’s cocktail bash to receive tons of compliments 😉

8. Snake braid: Here is how to make a Snake braid.

New braid hairstyles 12

9. Five strand braid: This one is similar to Dutch braid, but a five-strand looks really prominent. Ladies with voluminous, long hair can definitely give it a shot.New braid hairstyles 13

10. Messy braid: Hot and trending this season, the messy braid is the easiest of the lot. Just pull out a few strands from the existing traditional 3-strand braid and there you go with the messy look!New braid hairstyles 14

11. Pull through braid: Here is a quick step-by-step pictorial representation on how to make a pull-through braid.New braid hairstyles 15

12. Rope/licorice braid: Easy as it looks, this festive season, flaunt your hair in a decorative knot. It’s all about making loops. Here is a piece of advice :- try it out with a piece of thick thread and then get started with your hair.

New braid hairstyles 16

So, have fun this festive season with amazing braid hairstyles for an ultimate look!





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