5 Stunning tips on how to do smokey red eye makeup for Karwa Chauth

by Neha Paranjpe

Karwa Chauth is just a couple of days away and here are a few stunning tips on how to do glamorous smokey eye makeup for the occasion!

If you want to look sexy this Karwa Chauth, all you need to do is spice up your look a little bit. But how? With the red hot smokey eye makeup look, that’s how! Everyone will be in for a surprise when you step out wearing your fabulous outfit and sporting an amazing new eye makeup trend on Karwa Chauth. If you need some help to figure out how to perfect this look, read on and get all the information you need. Here we have 5 tips on how to do the perfect smokey red eye makeup at home.how to do eye makeup 09

Step 1:

Start by priming the eyelids, and apply concealer to cover any dark spots, bags or blemishes. This is a fairly dramatic makeup look so you need the area around your eyes to look clear and bright. Since the dark red colors will make your eyes look bigger and bolder, they will also emphasize dark circles if any so make sure they are properly concealed. You can even put some eye drops to ensure that there is no redness in your eyes as this will make them look smaller with the heavy makeup.

Step 2:

Apply red eye shadow to the outer corner of the eyelid moving inwards. Remember to carefully choose the color as per your outfit. It is better to opt for maroon, rust or deep red colors. If you choose a bright red, it may look more scary than appealing. Now apply the red eye shadow along the crease and mix it with the eye shadow at the outer corner. Blend it till has blurry edges and appears like a gradient of color.how to do eye makeup 10

Step 3:

Apply a white eye shadow below the brow bone to highlight and also apply some to the center of the eyelid that we had left blank. You can even dab a little bit of white to the inner corner of the eye to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Step 4:

Use a brush and apply black eye shadow to the  outer corner of the eyelid making a V to suit the shape of the eye. Now blend the black inwards to create a smokey effect with the red.  Smudge it with your ring finger so that you have appropriate control. Apply the black shadow along the lower waterline as well and smudge it lightly with your fingertip or a blending brush.how to do eye makeup 11

Step 5:

Lastly, use a liquid liner and draw a delicate cat eye which barely extends at the outer corner. Go heavy on the mascara and keep your lips nude to ensure that your eyes draw the most attention.

And now your beautiful smokey red eye makeup is done!



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