5 Beginner eye makeup tips and tricks inspired by Halloween theme

by Neha Paranjpe

If you are new to Halloween theme party or eye makeup, then follow our simple eye makeup tips for a beginner. Sport a spooky look and celebrate in style!

Halloween is definitely one of the most creative times of the year. With innovative outfit and makeup ideas, everyone has a chance to showcase their talents in the field of fashion and style. If you are planning for a stunning outfit, you need to have the makeup skills to match. So for all the beginners out there, we have some easy eye makeup ideas and tips that can help you achieve a killer look this Halloween.Beginner eye makeup tips 01

1. Batman eye mask: If you are dressing up and this sophisticated superhero, you need to make sure that your eye makeup looks amazingly heroic as well. And how about infusing the ‘bat’ element to your style? Use your regular kajal pencil or black eyeliner and draw the outline of the bat symbol around your eyes. Then using a cream based gold eye shadow, fill up the spaces between your bat outline. Now slip into your fitted black costume and tie a cape around your neck to sport the awesome Batman look.

2. Cleopatra eyes: Cleopatra was Egypt’s ancient beauty and her iconic look inspires hundreds of Halloween costumes each year. To dress up like her, you need your eyes to reflect royalty as well. Apply a gradient base of blue eye shadow which blends with gold along the brow bone. Using a thick eyeliner pencil, line your eyes on the upper and lower waterline. Extend the line outwards in a thick flat black stroke to give it a bold and dramatic look. Go heavy on the mascara and don a golden headdress to get the look of the stunning Cleopatra.Beginner eye makeup tips 02

3. Devil eyes: For the devilish look, you just need tons of red and black. Use red and silver to get a smokey red eye makeup look and then use dark black liner and mascara to add some definition to your eyes. You can use a combination of deep red and silver to create a stunning eye makeup look that will go perfectly with a fitted red dress and devil horns.Beginner eye makeup tips 03

4. Tiger eyes: Dress up like a gorgeous tiger and use gold, bronze and orange toned eye shadow to give your eyes the ‘catty’ look. You can even add stripes using liquid liner and add definition using black powder eye shadow. Lastly, using a felt tip liner, draw bold cat eye stroke on the lash line and extend them outwards to create a sexy, eye catching effect.Beginner eye makeup tips 04

5. Witch eyes: A little black dress, a pointed black hat and a wand or a broom are all you need to look like a witch for Halloween. But to give your look that little extra oomph, amp up your eye makeup to look like a witch straight from the fairy tale books. This is basically a dark smokey eye look and you can add some silver eye shadow to give it a bewitching sparkle. Beginner eye makeup tips 05


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