5 Outfit ideas for XL women to achieve a sleeker look

by Aarti Kapur Singh

Get a sleeker, stylish look with these 5 amazing outfit ideas. Now, an XL size gets a chic new twist!

XL is not Extra Large. It could also translate into meaning extra loving! And who says you can’t lose a size or two in a jiffy?! It is all about creating the illusion of a sleeker silhouette. Just wearing baggy clothing to hide bigger areas will only cause you to look bigger and stockier. So even though curvier ladies have a bizarre urge to cover up, it is actually doing more damage. Read on..Outfit ideas 32

1. A Fitted WaistDresses which have a fitted top and flared bottom will do you wonders! Not only will they create a gorgeous shape but will give your confidence a boost too.

2. Patterned, not plain: Patterned fabrics can be a wiser choice instead of choosing plain fabrics and dousing it in copious amounts of bling. This is because the pattern will encourage a more flattering shape whereas lots of jewellery will just hang off your figure. Prints also dazzle the eye and distract it away from anything you don’t want people noticing. One print on top + a different one on bottom = the best optical illusion your body could have asked for.Outfit ideas 33

Outfit Ideas 343. Two piece suitsTwo piece suits whether they are trousers or skirts are great for larger ladies – but only if the jacket is fitted and the pants straight-legged. They break up the figure nicely, especially with a contrasting top, and will promote more of an hourglass form. Shoulder pads are not a necessity for larger ladies as they will cause more of a structured and bulky silhouette.Outfit ideas 35

Outfit ideas 364. Go Black: When in doubt, opt for an outfit that’s entirely black from head to toe. Nothing slims more than the dark shade.

Outfit Ideas 37

Outfit ideas 38Outfit Ideas 395. Distract with details: An interesting neckline, intricate embroidery and similar details draws attention away from bulging tummy and protruding hips.Outfit ideas 40







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