Top 4 eye makeup tutorials for an ultimate festive look

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

This Diwali, learn how to sport 4 amazing eye makeup looks. Just go through these video tutorials for a sexy festive look!

It’s festive time! We are sure that all you gorgeous ladies out there are busy with the autumn home cleaning, decorating the space with sparkles, as well as yourself with the lovely, glittery and glossy makeup apt for Diwali? Why not take a look at the 4 brilliant eye makeup tutorials and learn how to do festive makeup for a stunning looking you?Eye makeup tutorials 01

1. Cut Crease Eye Makeup:

A new eye makeup style which is in vogue these days.’Cut Crease’ is all about applying eye shadow by drawing a sharp, well-defined line just above the crease. The idea is that this line should appear to be cutting (more like creating) a separation between the actual lid and the upper eye area and then blending that line outward towards the eyebrow. Ideal for those with small eyes, as this technique can make the eyes look much bigger! Take a look at this makeup tutorial to get it right. This look can be amazingly sported with a traditional as well as an Indo-western outfit this Diwali.

2. Neutral Eyes Lined with Teal:

If you aren’t too much into colors, especially bright colors, then here is a look for you.It is a bit quirky though because teal as a color maybe trending a lot these days, but not all are as experimental. Take a look at this video and get it right! This eye makeup look is bound to go well with outfits in greens and blues. Extremely festive and since the look is all about neutrals, therefore, it is recommended that you use flesh toned glossy lipstick for an overall sexy look!

3. Colorful and Bold Eye Makeup Look

And in case you aren’t much of a one color person, instead, you love colors, bold pouts and everything in between, then this video is for you. This festive season, flaunt colors and take your look to another level altogether. Team it up with a vibrant silk saree or just an overall black outfit. A colorful nail art will go extremely well with the overall look. There are a couple of things to remember here though. This eye makeup look can be incomplete without false lashes. If you hate the idea of false lashes, just add a lot of volume by curling them with the mascara

4. Intense Smokey Eye Makeup Look:

We are all in love with smokey eyes? But getting the look right is always an issue. Now, no sweat! Zuri has this awesome video tutorial for you. Wearing a smokey look isn’t all that tough anymore. Sport the intense smokey look for daytime Diwali festivities as well as cards party scheduled for the night. However, there is a piece of advice here. Never team up your smokey eyes with a red, hot pink or bright lipstick. Go for nude, natural shades instead.


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