18 Sparkling nail art designs for Diwali

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Check out 18 sparkling and fancy nail art designs for this Diwali‘s festive-look!

Diwali is all about glitter, sparkles and major festive glory. So, why not dress up our nails in fancy, exquisite and beautiful nail art too? Zuri brings to you 18 gorgeous nail art designs that are best suited for pre-Diwali bash, card parties as well as the Diwali puja and related celebrations. This Diwali, sport a nail art design which is inspired by golden dust, silver sparkle, snowflakes, French manis with golden or silver tips, polka dots, geometrical designs and leopard prints, swift feathers, that truly reflect the idea of winters and festive celebrations. Ladies! Try out some of the most creative, trendy, unique and stunning designs on nails for fun and beauty. Nail art designs 99

Just as the combination of red and gold looks nice, similarly, hot pink and silver goes well too. Black is a universally accepted complimentary shade for both golden and silver. So, this means that you must choose your outfit carefully. We aren’t suggesting that you only stick to these four colors. Infact, a midnight blue or a purple, or even whites and creams are going to look super sexy with these nail art designs, but you will have to be mindful of the makeup looksNail art designs 100

One of the favorite sparkly nail art design ideas is a black snowflake against white backdrop (base coat) with white background. Rejoice the Diwali festivities (and stretch it to Christmas and New Year) with this winter inspired glittery nail art design. If you are looking for a easy-to-do, at home art for your nails, then opt for polka dots. Make use of a nail art dotting tool. And if you haven’t got that, make use of a pencil, or a bobby pin. Finish it with a good quality topcoat for sure. Make generous use of rhinestones, studs and rings for an ultimate festive look.Nail art designs 101

Some of these designs are professional, so you might have to visit a nail art salon. However, you can customize some of them at your end and try at home too. So, this Diwali, set a trend as you light up a diya or shuffle a pack of cards. All the eyes are going to be on your spectacular hands, as if it’s a little glittery canvas of joy and dreams 😉



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