Step by step guide to 3 Pre-Diwali party makeup looks at home

by Mansi Kohli

Get inspired by our top 3 party makeup looks for Diwali and celebrate the festivities in your own sparkling hot style!

Diwali is just round the corner and it’s about time for you to pick up the swankiest of ethnic wear and flaunt your diva like personality in full festive fervor. But while you are at it, have you thought about the party makeup looks you would want to emulate or show off at the parties? Just a blush or bronzer for the cheeks and glittery eye shadow for the lids wouldn’t do. What you need this Diwali around is a touch of excellence, a touch of brilliance. This is why we are here to show you three beautiful makeup ideas that can make you look sizzling at the festivities.Party makeup looks 01

1. Preparation required right before the makeup:

2. Use the right foundation and apply it carefully for a flawless look:

  • Take a few drops of foundation (color closest to your skin) and dab along under the eyes, the forehead and the cheeks, a little on the chin too.
  • Use a wet sponge to even the foundation across the face, the forehead and the cheeks.
  • Use the same wet sponge with two drops of foundation for the area on the neck and behind the ears too- you need an even look.
  • Wait for five minutes, allowing the foundation to settle in.
  • Use a dry puff and apply a little translucent powder all over your face, your forehead and your cheeks.
  • Take a large bristled brush and brush off the excess powder in circular motions all over your face and neck.
  • Wait for a minute.

Party makeup looks 03Look #1: Teal eyes to steal the show

Quite a trend and apt for the festival of lights, should you want to not try the smokey regular party makeup looks which every PYT around is emulating, you could opt for the teal eye look.

  1. Begin by dusting a little translucent powder under your eyes, which later would be blended into the skin post the eye makeup routine.
  2. Use a light shade of powdery silver from the crease of the eye to the brow bone on both lids. Blend it with an applicator brush and let it sit.
  3. Depending on the color of your ethnic wear, use a similar shade of eye shadow- two strokes from the middle of the lid outwards.
  4. The same color pencil should be used – three strokes for the lower lash line and one stroke for the upper lash line for the teal effect.
  5. Finally, use a dark shaded kohl pencil – two strokes for the upper eyelid and one for the lower eyelid, to complete the look.

Party makeup looks 04Look #2: Brown smokey eyes

Should you want to look smokey, hot and natural too, keeping in mind the event you’ve been called to attend, here’s a brown smokey eye look that goes with any ensemble color.

  1. With the help of a light brown eye pencil, draw a rim around the crease of the eyelids for both eyes, culminating at the outer end of the eye shape.
  2. Use a very light shade of powdery brown eye shadow and fill the inner portion of the rim drawn for both eyes.
  3. With the help of another applicator brush, use a shimmery version of dark chocolate eye shadow and start from the middle of the lid, all the way to the culminating end of the eye. Blend it well with the previous base of light chocolate eye shadow shade.
  4. For the crease and the lower lash line, use three strokes of metallic brown shadow and blend it in gently.
  5. One stroke and a very thin line of brown kohl for the upper lid to complete the look should be the ending note.Party makeup looks 05

Look #3: A hint of gold

It is the festival of lights and should you want to have a little shimmer on your lids for that extravagant party makeup looks, go right ahead using these steps with a hint of gold.

  1. Begin by lining the upper and lower lids of the eyes with a think brown or very light red wine colored pencil- just one stroke on each lid.
  2. With the help of an applicator brush, use a medium dark shade of copper brown (matte) to fill in the crease and the brow lines of the lids on both eyes
  3. Use another brush dipped in gold dust and begin sweeping the lids, starting from the center of the lid to the outer end of the eyes. Give two strokes each!
  4. Take a dark brown eye pencil and gently color the lower lash line, using three strokes for each lid.
  5. Finally, use a little dark kajal in black or brown for the inner corner of the eye- not more than one stroke, for the magical makeup looks 06

For all the three steps on party makeup looks, we would advise using a reputed mascara to enhance the look. Use just two or three strokes of mascara (invisible or dark), and your eyes would be making many heads turn at the party!

Happy Diwali, gorgeous!


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