A guide to post workout skincare musts

by Aarti Kapur Singh

Post workout skin damage can be controlled. Take a look at 4 effective skincare beauty tips for a well-looked after, glowing skin!

The gym gives you good health, body confidence and fitness. There is no reason why it should damage your good looks. If you want to ensure that your skin looks beautiful and feels great, there had better be a beauty regimen an essential climax to your workout to be truly body beautiful. From taking showers to applying the right products, there’s a lot you can do to maximize the benefits of your workout on your skin and keep it looking gorgeous after you’re finished.Skincare 01

1. Workout sans makeup: Ensure you remove all traces of makeup, so that your pores are not blocked while exercising. In fact, it is good to get all sweaty during the workout, so don’t worry about the perspiration on your face. If you must, simply stick to waterproof mascara or eyeliner and lip balm. Even tinted moisturizer is harmful. Heat due to workout opens pores, which can lead to clogging as you sweat.Skincare 02

2. Clean up: Many people put off taking a shower for hours after their workouts are through. Arguably the most important step is cleaning up. After your workout, wipe your face, chest, and breakout-prone areas with cleansing wipes to clean your skin and combat any bacteria, in case you cannot shower immediately. Invigorate your complexion with cool water after a sweat session, and be sure to moisturize immediately after cleansing to keep your skin from drying out.  Even if you feel you haven’t perspired much during your session, any amount of sweat can lead to bacteria growth if you don’t get your skin clean soon enough. But instead of hot, use tepid water. After a workout, your muscles are sore and you are already very exhausted. While washing your face or taking a shower with hot water might ease your muscles, but it will also strip your skin of vital oils, leaving you dry and itchy. Also, instead of using abrasive scrubs on post-workout sensitive skin, use a gentle shampoo and cleanser which will ensure that you stay clean and your skin stays soft. Don’t forget to slather on moisturizer thereafter.Skincare 03

Skincare 043. Make it steamy: Taking care of your skin after a workout doesn’t just involve showering and using skincare products. If your gym has a steam room, it’s a great place to head once you’ve had your post-workout shower. Steam can help unclog pores, remove impurities from the skin, and it can even help with acne problems. Plus, it’s a great place to relax yourself after sweating it out. Steaming is also a muscle relaxant and will help you get a rosy glow.Skincare 05

Skincare 064. Re-hydrate your skin: The best time to re-hydrate your skin is when you are right out of the shower. Take a few minutes and apply a generous dollop of your moisturizer and body lotion. This will keep your skin supple and moist.Skincare 07


  • Take a shower with normal to cold water.
  • Wash your face with a mild face wash.
  • Avoid hot water as it will remove the body’s natural oils and leave your skin dry and itchy.Skincare 08


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