20 Trendy nail art designs to sport this fall winter

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

This Fall/Winter, try out any of these trendy nail art designs and celebrate the season in style!

Winter season is all about the great festive feel, the warmth of color red, snowflakes, frosty white, jingle bells and glittery, sparkly decorations. So, while, most of us are now gearing up for the Christmas and New Year parties, shortlisting outfits, makeup looks, etc., how many of us do actually focus on our hands and feet? I assume, just a handful! Well, its because winter season also means, chills and layers. But, this year, why not sport a sexy nail art inspired by winter motifs to celebrate the season in style?Nail art designs 118

Zuri brings to you 22 trendy nail art designs you must sport this fall/winter season. From midnight blues to ombre style, from stripes to caviars to French tips, we have got it all to set the mood for parties! And, if that’s not enough, then check out a couple of super glittery nail art designs. That should do the trick this New Year’ eve.Nail art designs 119

Versatile designs that can compliment a simple western dress as well as a heavy, traditional outfit, these nail art designs can also look stunning at weddings. For instance, with a black high-neck jumper, one can easily sport a rosy-red nail art. A red pout and a sleek ponytail would further enhance the overall look. Similarly, with a red Anarkali suit, you can try out the red and white (big stripes) nail art design. A white kajal and a deep red lipstick is bound to give you an elegant feel.Nail art designs 120

Wrap-unwrap all the Christmas goodies in style this season. How? Well, sport the beautiful lilac-zigzag-glittery nail art design. It almost looks like a stunning gift wrap paper. And if you are feeling bored, then add an element of glamour with the gorgeous navy blue nail art. Paint one nail in a contrasting or a lighter sparkly shade from the same family (as of the base coat on the other four nails of one hand).Nail art designs 121

This Fall/Winter season, add a unique touch to your everyday styling, looks and personality with the highly recommended DIY or professional nail art designs such as dual tones, ombre style, elaborate, embellished and jewel studded designs, polka dots, geometrical patterns, blended colors, marbling or stamping.


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