5 Latest shades of blush to wear this winter

by Richa Sharma

Zuri recommends 5 latest shades of blush for glowing winter cheeks! Here, take a look at the suggested colors

The winter chill has begun to set in. And so it’s time to say hello to a whole new makeup to keep up with the demands of the changing weather. So be it your foundation, your lip colors, or even your blush for that matter, all need to be altered and switched with brighter, warmer shades in creamier formulas. So today Zuri brings to you 5 latest shades of blush to wear this winter.blush 01

It’s that time of the year when your skin loses its natural sheen and you need to go the extra mile to get your skin back in shape. So it’s highly recommended that you opt for a cream blush instead of your regular powdered one, especially if you have a particularly dry and parched skin. The creamy texture will blend seamlessly into your skin, giving your face that much needed glow. Opt for deeper, richer shades like reds and plums. These are a few of our top picks for this winter.

1. Deep redIf you’re looking for a beautiful rosy flush for your cheeks, then the deep red is for you. The color being rich, deep and highly pigmented, you just need to apply a dash of it onto your cheekbones with a light hand and you’re done. This shade works particularly well on fair to medium skinned women.

Zuri recommends: MAC Frankly Scarlet Blushblush 02

2. Berry pink: For a more natural looking flush, opt for the berry pink this season. Try it out to give your cheeks some sheer warmth, just like the natural flush you get during those peak winters.

Zuri recommends: Colorbar Cheek Illusion Pink Pinchblush 03

3. Plum: Now this one is a deeply pigmented shade with hues of purple, and the slightest of application with a light hand is good to give your cheeks a soft wash. Layer it up, if you’re looking for a dramatic, intensely pigmented flush for your cheeks.

Zuri recommends:MAC Dirty Plum powder blushblush 04

4. Deep coral: Deep coral is a personal favorite, as it works brilliantly for Indian skin tones. Being bright and more saturated, this shade adds a fresh pop of color to your cheeks, imparting your face an instant brightness.

Zuri recommends: Maybelline New York Fit Me! Blush, Deep Coralblush 05

5. Copper: For a sun kissed, tanned look, try out the copper blush on your cheeks. Opt for a shimmer based shade with a gold undertone for that extra bit of sheen. This shade is sure to add some warmth to your face, while also helping with some contouring. And the best part is that it can also double up as bronzer.

Zuri recommends: NYX Powder Blush -Copperblush 06

Whatever shade you choose, do keep in mind the following tips:

  • Never judge a blush by how it appears in the pan. Always expect the shade to come out softer on your face.
  • Always use a light hand for application of the blush, softly blending it into your skin. You can always build it up with a second layer, incase you want a deeper, brighter flush.
  • In case you’ve over applied the blush, dust off some powdered foundation on your cheeks, to lighten the flush.





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