How to apply liquid, gel and pencil eyeliner in 10 easy steps

by Mansi Kohli

Now, master the eyeliner application and learn some surprising hacks of applying liquid, gel and pencil liner!

How many times have you stood in front of your mirror, tried to emulate a stark sensual look with eyeliner and have failed miserably? Sounds familiar? Well worry no more; here are ways and a few hacks on how to apply liquid, gel and pencil eyeliner in 10 easy steps- read on!How to apply liquid eyeliner 01

1. How to apply liquid eyeliner in 3 steps:

Stop being scared and go ahead with that liquid eyeliner, using these three easy steps!

  • If you would like to know how to apply liquid eyeliner to emulate the tight line look, we would ask you to focus on the positioning of the liner pen when you begin to apply. The felt tip should be parallel to your lash line. Angle out the strokes as you apply the pen, keeping the stokes small and going slow when you begin. To get a grasp on the application, start from the inner corner of your eyes, going outwards to the mid section and then to the outer corner or your eyes.
  • Another trick on how to apply liquid eyeliner would be in practicing the kitten look. Your wrist needs to work wonders here for that soft look. It would be your lower lash line that acts as a guide, which would help you doll up the upper eyelid line. Start from the inner corner with the pen, going to the mid section and then culminating to the outer end of the lid as though you formed a triangle.
  • To know how to apply liquid eyeliner for the true cat look, you need to use the kitten method first. Now add to the thickness and the length of the line on the outer corner of the eyes.

2. Learn how to use these 4 steps when applying gel eyeliners:

Clumsy and fearful are you? We’ve told you how to be daring and how to apply liquid eyeliner in three steps, now let’s beat the fear learning how to dress up the eyes using a gel liner!

  • Draw an outline to begin with using your dark eyeliner. One line should go slight above from the outer end corner of your eye, and another line should be just above it; the curve of your lash line should be followed. Follow the curve until you reach the middle of your eyelid.
  • Use your gel eyeliner to fill in the portion between the upper curved line and the lower curved line, from the outer corner to the mid-section of the eyelid.
  • If that is too tough, you could use a plastic, non gluey tape to help you form the upper and lower line in perfect conjunction to bring about a cat eye look. Fix the tape on top and below the upper lid in an angle which creates a space in between- the portion you need to fill.
  • Instead of using liquid eyeliner, you could use gel or a pencil stick to gently fill in the portion and to draw the cat’s tail outward! Always use a waterproof eyeliner and mascara to enhance the look!

You’ve learnt how to apply liquid and gel applications, now lets check on how to use the pencil to make the eyes look subtly haute- 3 steps to follow!How to apply liquid eyeliner 04

How to apply liquid eyeliner 053. Learn how to use these 3 steps when applying pencil eyeliners:

  • With pencils you can be rest assured to go smudge-free. Grab hold of a reputed pencil eyeliner and assume your position- mid section of the upper eyelid in most cases to begin with.
  • Start from the mid section and go until the beginning of the outer end of the eye corner. Then come back to the mid section and go to the inner end- the strokes should be very gentle and slow. Repeat twice with the pencil eyeliner for the enhanced look to come through.
  • For the lower lash line, start from the middle and go to the inner corner first. Come back to the mid section of the lower lash line and go to the outer corner, culminating the eyeliner touch with the upper corner for the soft kitten look. Finish with two strokes of mascara on each lash!

Here were ten ways on how to apply liquid, gel and pencil eyeliner and we hope you get started on the practicing from now!




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