18 Stylish nail art images for an ultimate bridal look

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Get inspired by the latest nail art images for an ultimate bridal look this wedding season!

This wedding season, the three colors which are much in vogue are red, pink and orange. So related hues and shades such as deep red, hot pink, neon orange, all of them are also being treated as trendy. If you are our lovely bride-to-be of this fall/winter, chances are that a lot of wedding planners will throw in these colors as the central theme through the wedding decoration ideas. And, this also means that these three colors should pretty much be the focal point for your lehenga, makeup looks and nails! After all, wedding is about bright, vibrant, festive celebrations. Isn’t it? Zuri gives you a lot of reasons to fall in love with such rich shades of life. Take a look at 18 stylish nail art images that are sure to complete your ultimate bridal look.Nail art images 83

Inspired by the citrus orange or the deep red of a heart or the gorgeous Valentine pink, this wedding season, we recommend brides to paint their nails in these colors. If their wedding lehenga has nothing to do with red, pink or orange, then don’t stress. Opt for a nail art which has a lot of shimmer in gold or silver. It hen goes well with your wedding jewelry, footwear and the outfit embroidery. Even purple is a good choice for a base coat!Nail art images 84

Show your love with the golden heart on a shiny red base coat. Try out the ombre style fiery orange and red nails or go glamorous with baby pink, hot pink, matte polishes or glitter pink polish. Add some drama with colorful rhinestones, gems, or elegant pearls and studs or sprinkle some glitter for a great nail art.Nail art images 85

Just remember that a typical bridal nail art design is meant to be more elaborate, and unique. Our hot favorite design is the one where golden flowers glow on a red nail polish. This design can be achieved by making beautiful flowers in gold using a golden colored nail art pen on a red nail color, which serves as the base coat. 

For a heavily embellished look, Try out this awesome and super chic design. Apply a layer of the best quality transparent base coat. Once dry, stick large rhinestones in the middle with nail glue. Then use small golden beads, white pearls and other smaller rhinestones around the large rhinestone for bordering purpose. And, there you go. Stunning!

So, this wedding season, have heaps of fun with your nails. Decorate them in style and enjoy the festivities. Stay blessed 🙂



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