Top 4 all time classic bridal makeup looks

by Mansi Kohli

Take a look at not too loud, not too shimmer, yet classy and very elegant bridal makeup looks of all time!

What is it that the doting bride on her wedding day aspires to be? A queen of course! With that being said, she also is wary of the fact that the shutterbugs till the last moment wouldn’t have enough of her. Her wedding album preserves the special day’s memories for life, which is why she is diligent and stern on using the talents of an expert bridal makeup artist for the big day. No compromises for sure, she wants to stun the world, make heads turn and to flaunt a statement like no other bride has. For this she has to have a unique touch. A touch that speaks of class and elegance combined. Seek inspiration from the top four all time classic bridal makeup looks we show you today; they indeed are a diva’s delight to wear and flaunt on D-Day!Bridal makeup looks 01

1. The twiggy smokey eye look:

Sensual, desirable, a bedroomish-dreamy kind of sexy bridal makeup looks and appeal to say so, much more than what a smokey touch alone can do; combining the strengths of twiggy touches with layers and smudges all the way, the twiggy smokey eye bridal makeup look was a rage during the swinging sixties.

How to do it:

  • With the help of a creamy black pencil for the eye lashes (both upper and lower), you need to wedge the dark pigment with two strokes on each lash.
  • Use your finger and gently rub the lashes from left to right and right to left; one time per lash.
  • Take the lightest gray eye shadow and with the help of a cotton swab, give two strokes from the mid section of the eyelids to the outer corner of the eyes.
  • Use shimmery gray shadow on the upper lids- from the mid section of the lids to the inner corner of both eyes. Blend the same till the crease, so it gets tangled well enough for the smokey look.
  • Complete the look with three strokes of mascara on the upper lash and the lower lash, using a mascara brush to separate the lash to form the twiggy eyes!

Who wore it? Hollywood celebrity Jaimie Alexander!Bridal makeup looks 02

2. Go nude and magnify:

With that being said, we want you to look your best at your wedding, which is why following what pop diva and Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez did, should be your aim. Nude lips, flushed pink cheeks, creamy complexion, false eyelashes and minimal shading to the lids; J.Lo looked hot at her wedding!

How to do it:

  • Mix two shades of foundation (one closest to your skin and one a little lighter to that of your skin) tones and apply well all over the face, the neck and the forehead.
  • Highlight the cheekbones, the chin and the T zone with the help of a light colored blush in peach for the au natural nude look. Just one stroke per area would be more than enough.
  • Apply a touch of powder on the T zone to avoid the shiny look and to bring on the matte effect. Focus on the chin and the nose for the same effect, keeping the look balanced.
  • Use false eyelashes for the eyes to look pretty and large, with two strokes of mascara applied to enhance the look. Apply and smudge two coats of dark kohl on the upper and the lower lash line for the sensual dreamy look to come through.
  • Nude lips are powerful and shouldn’t be underestimated- a pale and slight silver-pinkish touch on the lips does the trick for the sensuous bridal makeup looks.

Who wore it? J.Lo!Bridal makeup looks 03

3. Dark kohl rimmed playful eyes:

Bringing the glorious golden 90s back, when dark playful kohl rimmed eyes were the norm, brides wanting such bridal makeup looks in 2015 are emulating the all-time glam look of the days gone by. This used to be a signature look of the rock punk lasses and the vixens of Bollywood and Hollywood, with black liner and subtle blends being played upon the eyes.

How to do it:

  • To darken the inner rims of the lashes, use waterproof pencils for the eyes. Run the pencil right where the inner portion of the upper lid starts and then shut your eyes tight. This would help smudge the liner, both on the top and at the bottom of the lash.
  • Take the liner once again and trace the lashes (upper and lower), smudging the liner pencil this time towards the outer side. With the help of a sponge or a thick eye shadow brush, blend and soften the black liner, which creates an illusion of eyes darker and large.
  • Use two strokes of mascara to enhance the dark kohl playful rimmed eyes!

Who wore it? Freida PintoBridal makeup looks 04

4. Chunky eyes and frosty lips

Brides who would like to go very minimal with contouring and a natural look too, pairing up a soft brown smokey touch to the eyes with black eyelashes so defined and nude frosty lips should be the aim.

How to do it:

  • A tone lighter to your skin should be the foundation base, over which one stroke of peach blush should be applied, with an illuminator around the top of the cheeks and the nose.
  • For the lips, one coat of pink frosty lip gloss with a touch of shimmer powder should be applied. The shimmer powder when applied to the mid section of the lips, over which another coat of lip gloss is applied, brings out the pouty look.
  • For the eyes, avoid anything sparkly, but choose light shimmery to matte bronze or light browns. Start from the mid section of the eyes to the outer corner with soft browns. Then apply another coat of shimmering copper in lightest shades from the inner corner to the mid section, all the way to the crease of the eyes and the brow bone. Blend them all in one stroke and leave it to that.
  • Minimal contouring means using a bronzer for the upper cheekbones only; just one stroke in the shape of C from the temple to the cheekbone is enough.
  • Mascara in dark shades of brown or black – two strokes only should be used for the natural bridal makeup looks to come through!

Who wore it? Hollywood celebrity actress Angelina JolieBridal makeup looks 05

Thus, we learn today that walking as a Christmas tree at your own wedding doesn’t make heads turn in a positive way. Keeping it flushed on the cheeks, smokey and twiggy for the eyes, chunky and frosty for the lips or an au naturale nude touch as our Hollywood divas have shown us, can do the trick!

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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