Top 5 DIY 5 minute hairstyles for long hair

by Richa Sharma

All you ladies with long hair, now sport stylish hairstyles that can be made just in 5 minutes!

Oh! So you’re one of the lucky few with gorgeous tresses like Rapunzel’s, but are bored of sporting those same old monotonous hairstyles? Read on, as we bring to you top 5 DIY hairstyles for long hair that can be done in under 5 minutes.hairstyles for long hair 41

1. Half down hair with bow: Tired of leaving your tresses open or simply tying them half down? We’ve got you an interesting twist. Try giving your half down hair a fun, girlie look with a bow at the back, made with your own hair. Sounds interesting? So let’s get started.

  • Pick up a section of strands from either side of your hair and tie them both at the back with a rubber band, rolling them up, leaving the hair tips hanging loosely through the rubber band.
  • Next up, with a sweep of your fingers, section the rolled bun into two halves and pin it up to resemble a bow.
  • Now pick up the loosely hanging hair ends and pull them back through the center of the bow, giving it a neat finish and you’re done.

2. 3 Rolls low bun: This ones another really simple low bun that’s cute and elegant at the same time and can be done in under 5 minutes. So let’s take a look at the step by step tutorial.

  • Section all your hair into three halves and tie them up into three loose ponytails at the back.
  • Now pick up one ponytail at a time and start twisting it into a roll. Secure this roll safely at the nape of your neck with bobby pins.
  • Now repeat the above step with the rest of the two ponytails, resting the other two rolls just adjacent to the first roll and voila, you’re finished.hairstyles for long hair 42

3. Knotted braid: Are you a fan of neat, no fuss hairstyles, then the knotted braid is for you. It’s nice and dainty and can be done in a jiffy.

  • First up, tie all your hair in a neat ponytail. Now start pulling out strands of hair from either sides of the ponytail.
  • Now tie the two strands in a loose knot, just like you do the first knot of your shoe lace and leave it hanging loosely to merge with the rest of your hair.
  • Next, pick up another set of strands from either sides and do the knot again, just like you did in the previous step.
  • Now repeat the same exercise, until you’re left with just a small amount of hair ends. Tie up these hair ends with a rubber band and you’re ready with your knotted braid.hairstyles for long hair 43

4. Twisted braided chignonBraids are a rage these days and an interesting variation to the braids is the braided chignon. Besides, this braid is really simple and is ready in absolutely no time. So let’s take a look.

  • Begin with tying all your hair into a medium high ponytail.
  • Now split the ponytail into two equal sections and start twisting each section one by one.
  • Intertwine each twisted section into the other, making a twisted braid.
  • Lastly, swirl the braid into a chignon, covering up the rubber band and secure with bobby pins. Done!hairstyles for long hair 44

5. The braided headband: Here comes yet another braid hairstyle wherein we use the braid as a makeshift headband while styling the rest of the hair into soft waves.

  • Start by braiding a section from the side of the hair into a regular three strand braid.
  • Now pull the braid upside down towards the other side of your hair, to resemble a hair band.
  • Similarly, braid another section of hair, just an inch away from the previous one and pull it upside down, just like you did in the previous step.
  • Pin up the braids at the other side with the help of bobby pins.
  • Now pick up a styling tong and style your tresses into soft waves, bringing them forward to cover the loose ends of the makeshift hair bands and you’re ready with your fun and flirty hairstyle.hairstyles for long hair 45

So remember, don’t cut your gorgeous tresses short. Just try one of these simple and really quick hairstyles and give your long hair an interesting twist.



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