6 Trendy and hot makeup looks for a red carpet event

by Neha Paranjpe

Check out all new and sizzling hot makeup looks for special occasions of your life!

Celebrity red carpet makeup is always gorgeous and on point. With their beautiful flowing dresses, stunning hairdos and flawless makeup, there are many things we can learn from these divas. If you want to be the center of attention and show off some stunning new looks, then take a lesson from these celebrity styles. Here are 6 of the hottest makeup looks straight from the red carpet in 2015.Hot makeup looks 01

1. The sultry smokey eye:

The queen of music and the dance floor, Jennifer Lopez has mastered showing off the sultry smokey eye look. Using a grey base and dark liner, the eye makeup is arresting and the first thing you notice. Along with this, the lips are nude with a hint of gloss and some peach blush to add a flush to her cheeks. Statement earrings, hair beautifully parted to one side and just the right amount of confidence complements this look perfectly.

2. Bold and bright:

Taylor Swift knows how to get people talking. Whether it is her music, her outfits or her makeup, everything about this pop star screams ‘Amazing!’ For her look at the BRIT awards, Taylor wore her hair in a sleek updo, and decked up her face with bold makeup. The eyes and the lips for the focal points with plenty of mascara, a slight amount of brown eye shadow and a bold stroke of black eyeliner. Her lips were painted a bright red, topped off with a glistening gloss.Hot makeup looks 02

3. Vintage classic:

This is an excellent look that exemplifies grace and style. Anne Hathaway’s Oscar ready look showed off this actress’s beautiful features and dazzling smile with just the right kind of makeup. Her eye makeup was kept basic with eyeliner and mascara, but her cheeks were plumped with just the right amount of pink blush. Her perfectly lined lips were colored with a deep matte red, and darkened eyebrows made her look like she had stepped out of the pages of a yesteryear magazine.Hot makeup looks 03

4. The dark effect:

The Modern Family star, Sarah Hyland, shows us how to get the dark lips look just right. With her short and gradient hair slicked back with a partition down the middle, her eyebrow color matches with the darker shade of her hair. For the eyes, she has gone with a nude palette and a very defined stroke of liner. The makeup magic now lies in the color of her lipstick. It is a deep mauve, almost plum colored shade of matte lipstick that stunningly complements her complexion.Hot makeup looks 04

5. The no-makeup, makeup look:

The up and coming actress for Disney’s newest version of Cinderella stars the actress Lily James, who knows just how to get the right look of a real life princess. Her version of the no-makeup makeup look is simplicity at its best. Her eyes are decked up with just a hint of nude eye shadow and a smidgeon of mascara. A little bit of bronzer adds color to the cheeks while the lips are bare with a slight sparkle, almost as if she is wearing only lip balm (in truth a pale pink or nude cream lipstick).Hot makeup looks 05

6. Catwoman eyes:

For the premier of her new film, Kristen Stewart sported bold, winged eyeliner. Drawn with thick strokes of eyeliner and then blended with a dark gray eye shadow, this look is fierce and mesmerizing at the same time. Other than this, there is hardly any other makeup on her face and even her lips are nude and natural.Hot makeup looks 06



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