Beauty Poll #47 – Skin tone

Are you always wondering what’s your exact skin tone? Well! Then, here, take this simple quiz and find out the exact tone of your skin and apply makeup accordingly :)Poll Tuesdays


More than 3 A(s): You have pink or red undertones in your skin (whether it’s fair or dark). Means you have a ‘cool’ skin tone. So it is recommended that you go with jewel tones such as princess blue, emerald green, magenta, and darker shades of red, be it in terms of your outfit selection or makeup looks. When choosing a foundation, look for nude, neutral or pink/peach-based shades.

More than 3 B(s): You have a ‘warm’ skin tone. So, it is recommended that you opt for warmer shades for the perfect makeup look! When selection the foundation, go for a yellow undertone to it—as opposed to pink or peach. Keep your bronzer and blush in the same palette of warm, golden hues: think bronze, rust or orange shades. We also suggest you wear eye shadow with a golden hue, such as greens, browns, gold or pinks.

More than 3 C(s): Hey! Girl- you can either have a cool or a warm undertone. There is the third type called a neutral skin tone, but to be able to know which one is your’s, its important for you to first figure out your actual hair/eye color 🙂

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