5 Latest evening smokey eye makeup looks of this season

by Richa Sharma

Check out these amazing and all new smokey eye makeup tips for a perfect evening party look!

It’s time to welcome the chilly winters, and with it, it’s time to bid adieu to the pastel colors of the previous season and adopt a whole new palette of colors that’s bolder, brighter and more pigmented. Ditto for your eye makeup. It’s time to go all sultry with a smokey eye makeup in hues of grays and blacks especially for those formal evenings and night outs. So Zuri brings 5 Latest evening smokey eye makeup looks for you to sport this season.evening eye makeup 01

1. Cobalt Blue: Make your dark eyes pop with the electric shade of cobalt blue. Use it as a stand alone color or in combination with black for a dramatic effect. So begin with swapping some shimmery cobalt blue on your lid until the crease. Don’t forget to add a dash of it under your lower lash line. Now pick up a black eye shadow and line the crease with it making a ‘>’ on the outer corner of the eye. Add a teeny-weeny bit of metallic silver to the tear duct to accentuate the look even further. Go for graphic eyeliner styles and a generous dose of mascara and you’re done.

2. Black and Silver: The combination of black and silver look unparalleled for a formal evening. So start with lining the natural crease of your eye with the black color making an exaggerated “>” on the outer corner of the lid. Now smudge it a little with a clean brush until the half of the lid to give it a softer look. Now fill in the lid with metallic silver giving an ombré effect with silver being the lightest on the inner corner of the eye. Top it up with a winged eyeliner and lots of mascara or better still, go for false eyelashes for a super glam look.evening eye makeup 02

3. Charcoal GrayGo for charcoal gray for a smoked out, almost gothic look for your eyes. Begin with highlighting your brow bone with  some metallic silver. Now pick up a charcoal gray eye shadow and fill your entire lid with it. Also sweep a tad bit of it under your lower lashline for an even dramatic look. Go for sultry cat eyeliner and a thick kajal on your waterline and you’re ready to mesmerize everyone around with your eyes.evening eye makeup 03

4. Gold and Pine GreenNow gold is a personal favorite as it works wonderfully with dark eyes and being high shine and brilliant, it’s an ideal choice for a formal evening. And combining it with a color like pine green, makes it look ethereal. So let’s get started. Begin with dabbing on some gold eye shadow until the half of your inner lid. Fill in the rest of the lid with a bright pine green, swiping a hint of it under the lower lashline too. Now with the sweep of a clean brush, merge any harsh lines, where the two shades meet to make the color shift look gradual. Add loads of mascara and a cat eyeliner to complete the look.evening eye makeup 04

5. Bronze smokey eyeAnother shade from the gold family, use the bronze with a matte brown for an ultimate evening look. Start with filling your lid with a glitter bronze eye shadow. The glitter will not only bling up the look, but also add some texture to it. Now line the crease of your lid with a matte brown shade. Next up, sweep some matte beige under your brow bone. Add to the look with an exaggerated wing tip eyeliner and a thin line of kajal close to the waterline and voila, you’re done.evening eye makeup 05



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