4 Stylish wedding hairstyles for an oval face

by Neha Paranjpe

Have an oval face? Cant think of the right hairstyle to sport this wedding season? Then, this post is a must-read for you!

With the wedding season coming up, you need to start getting ready with all your style and outfit ideas. Depending on the outfits you choose this time, how about spicing it up with different hair styles as well. So today we are covering some of the best hairstyles for oval faces that you can revamp and wear to wedding parties. If you have an oval face, stick to these styles, and you just won’t go wrong.Oval face hairstyles 01

1. Knotted to the side: This style looks excellent with a saree worn at an evening reception party. You can try different versions of sleek or messy buns and tie them up on one side of your head behind the ear rather than at the back. Leave a few strands of hair loose if you are doing a messy bun to give it a fun element. Drop earrings look great with this style as your neck and shoulders are perfectly enhanced. You can even try adding loose flowers, a string of pearls or other hair accessories to spruce up the look a little more.

2. Half over the shoulder: This style is great for hair with a lot of texture. It also looks wonderful with lehengas. You can try backcombing your hair and adding some hair spray to give it a textured feel. First part your hair just a little of centre and leave it loose. Now take a section of hair from both side and tie it up at the back of the head. Pull out a few strands from the front to give it an ethereal look. Pull the remaining hair from the back and throw it over one shoulder. Add some more hairspray to hold it in place and add some more volume. Tousle the hair with your fingers and just let it fall naturally.Oval face hairstyles 02

3. Straight blow out: If you have long straight hair, you can opt for a beautiful blowout. After washing, apply some hair product to smoothen out the hair and tame any fly-aways. Using a blow dryer and a large round brush, start blow drying your hair. Pull it away from the body and roll it in the brush as you move downwards. This will straighten out the hair smoothly. Roll the ends of your hair in the brush and aim the blow dryer to it. This will ensure that your straight hair has beautiful and soft, inward turning curls.Oval face hairstyles 03

4. Loose curls: This is a simple and straightforward style with curled hair. Take a hair curler and wrap medium size sections of your hair around the tongs. This will help you get defined, wavy curls. But remember to do this only on the section of the hair from below the ears. Now take the front portion of the hair and roll it over multiple times and pin it up at the back. You can do this on one side if you have a side part, or both if you part your hair down the middle.Oval face hairstyles 04



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