7 Fantastic eye makeup remover hacks

by Neha Paranjpe

Now removing an elaborate and gorgeous eye makeup is no more an issue. Presenting to you 7 easy eye makeup remover hacks! Read on to know more..

We all love eye makeup. Our vanity cases are filled with all kinds of eye makeup related products such as eyeliners, colored kajals, eye shadow, mascara, primer… you get the drift. But one thing we almost always avoid or forget to buy is eye makeup remover. I mean, who goes to the extra length to wipe off your eye makeup at the end of the day. We all know that the ‘washing face and jumping into bed’ has become our ritual.Eye makeup remover hacks 01

All said and done, everyone knows about the importance of removing eye makeup before bed. But in case you don’t want to spend too much on a separate remover product, or have finished your usual one or are just plain lazy to go get one for yourself, this list has got you covered. Here are some of the easiest and most convenient eye makeup remover hacks and alternatives for all the girls out there.

1. Petroleum jelly: Every home has a tub of petroleum jelly. Some use it as a lip balm, others for dry skin on the elbows or knees. But one other use, not many people know about is, is that it doubles up as a makeup remover. After a long day, just use a cotton ball or a swab and roll it around in some petroleum jelly. You can then use this for removing the makeup from your face including the eyes. It comes off in a jiffy and you don’t have to spend anything extra either.

2. Baby OilAnother alternative is to use baby oil. Just dip a cotton bud into some baby oil and wipe off your eye makeup. Remember to wash your face with face wash after this to prevent the oil from clogging up the pores.Eye makeup remover hacks 02

3. ConditionerDesperate times call for desperate measures. If you don’t have any of the above two alternatives at home, just dash into your bathroom and take a small droplet of conditioner on a cotton ball. Use this to wipe away your eye makeup and then wash your face clean with face wash.Eye makeup remover hacks 03

4. OilDifferent oils such as coconut, olive, almond or jojoba oil double up as great eye makeup removers. As with the baby oil, use a cotton ball or bud and dab it with oil to remove the makeup. Using a cotton bud you can even clean out the roots of the eyelashes and get rid of the mascara that always clings to the ends.Eye makeup remover hacks 04

5. Baby shampoo: A small bottle of baby shampoo can go a long way to help you with your eye makeup remover needs. And it costs half as much as any branded product. Since baby shampoo has a no-tears formula, you can easily use it to remove makeup from the eyes.Eye makeup remover hacks 05

6. Aloe vera gel: Aloe vera gel has cooling properties which soothe the eyes and relax them. So, using it as an eye makeup remover helps in more ways than one. Keep a bottle of aloe vera gel handy so you can have easy access to a convenient and soothing eye makeup remover.Eye makeup remover hacks 006

7. Cucumber: Lastly, a simple ingredient that can be commonly found in the refrigerator – the cucumber. A slice of cucumber can help to remove eye makeup. Just by swiping it along the eye, you can effectively get rid of all the product. Wash your face after doing this and go to bed reassured of clean and makeup-free eyes.Eye makeup remover hacks 07



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