7 Latest lipstick shades for Fall Winter

by Neha Paranjpe

This Fall/Winter, try out all the 7 trendy lipstick shades for an ultra chic look!

Isn’t a new season the perfect excuse for shopping? Winter is around the corner, and for us, that means a whole new wardrobe and makeup kit. One of the things to look forward to the most is restocking your lipstick shades to suit the season. When the warm clothes, the knit sweaters and the thick leggings come out, so do the stunning new lip colors. So if you are planning to take a shopping trip with your besties anytime soon, use this as your guide to buying the hottest new lipstick shades for the winter.Lipstick shades 01

1. Berry BrightLipstick colors such as cherry rule the makeup game in the winter. The shade is warm, yet bright at the same time and adds the right amount of color to the face. For those with a fair or wheatish complexion, the berry shade is ideal for a day look. The color is a mix between a pink and a red making it bright yet not too bold and can be worn to work as well as to evening parties with flair.

2. Not-so-Nude: While nude shades are a classic, the winter demands a little flush of color. With the cold and gray weather conditions, sporting a beige or nude shade can tend to wash out the face. Instead you could opt for nude shades with hints of peach or pink shades. This will ensure that the color isn’t too bright but still manages to liven up your look with just a swipe of gloss or matte lipstick.Lipstick shades 02

3. Burgundy: Burgundy is the deep red crimson shade which is a classic favorite. When wearing cream or white outfits, a stark color like burgundy stands out very well. It adds a dimension of warmth to your makeup which is excellent for the winter months. It is recommended that those with plumped up lips should wear the burgundy shade.Lipstick shades 03

4. Deep Browns: Brown lipstick looks great on most people, but most people don’t have the confidence to carry it off. You can start off with a delicate application of the brown shade till you get comfortable with it and decide to apply it darker. A deep brown can look great with denims, floral dresses, navy shade coats and cream colored oversized knit sweaters.Lipstick shades 04

5. Deep purpleThose with darker or olive toned skin should definitely try out a purple matte shade of lipstick this winter. If you pick a dark purple shade you can wear it with white or cream pantsuits and take the whole office by storm. Adding a few layered gold necklaces and darkening the purple lipstick can easily transition the look taking you from a strong corporate woman by day to a fashionista by night.Lipstick shades 05

6. Marsala: Marsala has been declared the color of the year and it looks great on the lips too. It is a duller shade of burgundy and can be worn by woman of all skin tones. Marsala looks great with nude and black outfits and can immediately draw attention to your features. It looks great if you have thin lips and feel like you can’t pull off a color as dark as burgundy.Lipstick shades 06

7. Creamy FuchsiaThis might seem like an unlikely choice among the deeper and darker shades of the winter. However a creamy bright fuchsia can really liven up a cold and dull morning. Layer up your striped dress with a navy blazer and paint your lips a bright fuchsia when heading out for a winter brunch date. You can use this shade to brighten up outfits of dark colors such as blues, blacks and even whites to add a pop of color to your winter style.  Lipstick shades 07



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