10 Skin care cosmetics for baby soft skin this winter

by Mansi Kohli

Soft and supple skin is now yours! To enjoy during the harsh winter months, try out our recommended 10 skin care cosmetics right away

Come winter months and our skin begins to cry hoarse. Signs of dryness and flaky contours make us wonder what to do. Homemade remedies work wonders but cannot be used always. For example, you wouldn’t want to rub olive oil all over your skin and not bathe before leaving for the party, now would you? There is a solution to keep that supple glow and radiance where it should be, on your face, hands and the neck or any part of the body exposed. Here are ten skin care cosmetics that promise to work wonders and bring back that supple skin you so desire to flaunt this winter. Read on!Skin care cosmetics 01

1. Nourishing skin creams with aloe vera and ashwagandha: Ashwagandha, Indian kino tree, winter cherry and aloe vera and a non-greasy formula that is 100 percent organic as a face cream that nourishes the skin, is what we should opt for this winter. Keep the skin moisturized and protected all day long. Not only from the dry weather, but also from the UV rays of the sun, but from the harmful dust particles and pollution too.

Zuri recommends: The Himalaya Skin CreamSkin care cosmetics 02

2. For natural softness and nourishment of the skin: Get back the natural softness and radiance with a healthy touch with extracts of surajmukhi, ashwagandha and the heavenly kusumbhi oil. A cream that helps soften and moisten the skin, keeping it rejuvenated and refreshed always with a healthy glow, is what you need.

Zuri recommends: Biotique Bio Winter Cherry Lightening and Rejuvenating Body NourisherSkin care cosmetics 03

3. Protect the face and the body at the same time from drynessWinter winds can be harsh on the skin, and coupled with the pollution around, our skin cells are killed sooner. What your skin needs is a dose of moisturizing and rejuvenation, which not only brings about a supple touch, but removes the blemishes and spots too.

Zuri recommends: The Biocare Face and Body Cream Winter ProtectionSkin care cosmetics 04

4. End to end skin care in a bottle: Understanding your needs this winter, the product also can be used as a base before you apply foundation or makeup. Massage the goodness of the winter care lotion into the skin for that glossy touch to come through at night, and the next morning you needn’t do anything more.

Zuri recommends: The Lakme Skin Gloss Winter Intense Moisturizer LotionSkin care cosmetics 05

5. Repair the body cells and protect the skin from dryness: A drop of any lotion can make all the difference, should you have dry, sensitive or flaky skin too painful and itchy to deal with in winter. Your skin needs to heal from within and a little repair of the skin cells too is a must, which is exactly what this cream does. With micro droplets of Vaseline in it and glycerine too, the non-greasy and quick absorbing cream should rejuvenates the skin and keep it supple and soft too!

Zuri recommends: Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Body LotionSkin care cosmetics 06

6. Au natural holistic care for the skinChoose a moisturizer that helps keep the skin smooth and soft, moistens the skin and regenerates cells too. What you need is the right winter care pack that helps remove blemishes and uneven skin tones, keeping the hydration levels of the skin intact

Zuri recommends: The khadi Peach & Avocado creamSkin care cosmetics 07

7. Baby soft skin so supple and nice to touch: If you are looking for one of the best skin care cosmetics to use this winter, which has no additives, is a fast absorbing formula and has very rich emollients in it that leaves no grease, but a smooth touch in the end, the market is flooded with many. What you need though is a clinically tested, mild and absolutely gentle formula that has been dermatologically approved to be hypoallergenic and allergy free, so that the skin gets all its nourishment and stays baby soft too!

Zuri recommends: Johnson’s baby LotionSkin care cosmetics 08

8. Holistic moistening effects for the skin through winter: Apart from moisturizing the skin, you need to have a cream that is safe to use on dry and flaky skin. The antioxidant extracts found in the cream helps prevent ageing and fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes over time and also prevents skin dehydration too. Winter dryness can be done away with, keeping the texture of the skin soft and supple, glowing and radiant as well.

Zuri recommends: Patanjali Moisturizer CreamSkin care cosmetics 09

9. A combo formula for the body and face: Search for creams not only for the face but one that is best suited for those who have constant dryness on the body, and need plenty of hydration and moisturizing all day long. Massage a few drops of the cream in question into the skin and check for deep skin revitalization. If the cream helps the skin radiate a beam, this would then be the cream for keeps!

Zuri Recommends: The Biocare Face and Body Cream Winter Protection formulaSkin care cosmetics 10

10. Indulgence in a royal lavish skin care moment: Lavish indulgence and extreme care for your skin, with glycerin, shea butter and annuuss hybrid oil in it, you now would be blessed with deeply nourished skin and a hydrated glow too. Very organic and with a smooth finish each day, you can now bid goodbye to the horrendous itches and flakes that comes with the winter days on your skin.

Zuri recommends: Dove Indulgent Nourishment Shea Butter Body LotionSkin care cosmetics 11

Bring back the luminescent glow and the rich supple touch to your skin, and enjoy your winters ahead!




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