9 Cute winter outfit ideas for XL women

by Aarti Kapur Singh

All you ladies who wear XL size, this winter, look stylish and trendy with these 9 really cute winter outfit ideas that are bound to make you look slim!

Size is not the problem for plus sized women. Instead, the problem is with the styles of outfits that do nothing to tone down problem areas. All a plus sized woman needs to do to look good is to find a style that suits her  – a style that minimizes the flaws and plays up the good bits. A lot of XL women feel they must dress bulky to look thin when actually the opposite is true. Wear something structured that is shapely with clean lines, but not skin tight. The whole look should be put together in such a way that attention is drawn to something that you want to play out loud and focus must be drawn away from the bulky places – such as thick thighs or a big bust or a protruding tummy.Cute Winter Outfit Ideas 01

1. Make the inches work in your favor. Make lemonade out of your lemons and cleverly emphasize your assets. If you are heavy in the hips and thighs, you’ll want to emphasize your neck, collarbone and bustline. Choose tops with unusual necklines. Turtleneck sweaters draw the eyes upward, taking the emphasis away from problem areas. The right neckline and the right fabric is key to minimizing a big bust. Opt for U or V necks in outfits. Something that is fitted at the bust and slightly flared at the hip does the trick too. If you are thick waisted, avoid boatneck tops or cropped sweaters, which create a “boxy” look. If you are heavy on top and have thin legs, wear a dark sweater with a patterned skirt or pants.Cute Winter Outfit Ideas 02

2. When it turns cold, keep your outfits cool by tucking into tights. You will also look sleeker and slimmer. Dark wool stocking with skirts will not only put you up on top of the fashion charts, but will make you look slimmer. The idea is to create a slimming effect. Boots or shoes with a heel do that too, as opposed to flats. Slightly flared pants also make legs look slimmer.Cute Winter Outfit Ideas 03

3. The fastest way to spruce up an everyday winter look is with a spicy jewel-tone scarf. But beware of having more than two colors.Cute Winter Outfit Ideas 04

4. Be fashion forward with ditzy prints. A recognizable yet semi-twisted print pushes the fashion envelope, especially when paired with killer knee-high heeled boots. Everyone from Edie Sedgwick to Kate Moss has flirted with the animal-print coat so go on, take a walk on the wild side.Cute Winter Outfit Ideas 05

Cute Winter Outfit Ideas 06Cute Winter Outfit Ideas 075. Opt for shapes to hide that belly. An empire-waisted overcoat might read “little girl” but not when you rock it with tough aviators and layered, extra-long-sleeve shirts.Cute Winter Outfit Ideas 08

Cute Winter Outfit Ideas 09Cute Winter Outfit Ideas 10Cute Winter Outfit Ideas 116. Belt a tailored jacket. Thanks to their similar shapes, your favorite A-line coat and hip bell-bottoms work together perfectly. With blazers and jackets, always make sure the seams sit perfectly at the bony tops of your shoulders, and that the sleeves hit exactly at your wrist.Cute Winter Outfit Ideas 12

Cute Winter Outfit Ideas 137. Borrow from your man. Sometimes a man’s coat is the sexiest outer layer a woman can wear. Balance out the cute tomboy style by wearing yours with a ladylike purse or delicate earrings.Cute Winter Outfit Ideas 14

8. Wear black. Using one color to enhance a slender illusion is the oldest trick in the book, and for a good reason: It helps create a long vertical line. While wearing head-to-toe black is the most effective — and eternally chicest — option, other darker hues work well, too. Charcoal gray, deep plum, chocolate brown and dark cranberry are all fantastic color choices for wintertime.The trick to monochrome dressing: Keep each silhouette crisp and tailored, and stay away from pale shades like white.Cute Winter Outfit Ideas 15

Cute Winter Outfit Ideas 169. Mask problem areas with color. If you don’t want to wear all black, just try masking your problem areas with the shade. Not thrilled with your legs but love your upper body? Mask ’em with a well-fitting pair of black pants or a skirt, and add a bright pop of color on top. To hide larger arms or hips, choose a tailored black blazer and show off your bottom half with some brightly colored shorts or a skirt. Cute Winter Outfit Ideas 17




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