Beauty Poll #48 – Winter Skin Care

Answer these 5 REALLY SIMPLE questions related to your daily skin care practices for us to rate you on how well do you treat your skin, especially during winter season!

Poll Tuesdays


If 3 or more A’s: Zuri’s assessment of your knowledge related to skin care during winter season is pretty good. You know how to take care of your skin as well as maintain health/hygiene under harsh weather conditions. Keep your skin glowing and healthy for a beautiful looking you this winter and always 🙂

If 3 more B’s: Your assessment of winter skin care regime is reasonably good. However, Zuri recommends you to show more interest in the beauty segment. Since, you already know what is good and bad for you, why not go an extra mile to ensure the best practices are being followed for a healthy skin?

If 3 more more C’s: You lack in taking good care of your skin. especially around winters, when the weather is harsh and skin gets rough, a lot of attention is required on it’s care. Afterall, a healthy, glowing skin says a lot about you and your personality!

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