7 Natural DIY beauty products to apply this winter

by Richa Sharma

Take a look at the most essential and all natural DIY beauty products that are a must-apply this winter!

Has your skin already started to feel the nip in the air? Has it started showing signs like dry, flaky, dull and lifeless skin? So it’s time to change your skin care regimen and bring out those creamy body butters. Or better still, why not go all natural this time and make your own beauty products right at your home with basic ingredients available in your very own kitchen. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? So let’s get started as Zuri brings to you 7 natural DIY beauty products to apply this winter.natural DIY beauty products 01

1. Moisturizing creamWinters can leave your skin dry and parched. So here’s when a moisturizer comes into play to get your skin back to soft and supple. And what better than an all natural homemade moisturizing lotion for your body. So here we go. Take 1/2 a cup Shea butter and heat it up in a pan until it melts completely. Now add 2 tbsp jojoba/ almond oil and let it cool down in a refrigerator. When the texture becomes creamy (not hard), add a few drops each of lavender, rosemary and tea tree essential oils. Whisk the oils into the cream until it gets a buttery whipped cream texture. Scoop this mixture into a jar and store at room temperature.

2. Moisturizer for oily skinIn case you have an oily skin and do not like the creamy texture of the above lotion, try the following moisturizer. Take 1/2 a cup coconut oil. Add 1 tsp vitamin E (pick up a vitamin E capsule and split it into two. Use the gel for the lotion). Now add 5-7 drops of lavender essential oil and mix them all in a bowl. This concoction is particularly good for women with slightly oily and acne prone skin.natural DIY beauty products 02

3. Lip balm: Did you know that you lose up to ten times more moisture through your lips than you do elsewhere on your face or body. Your lips often develop splits and cracks during this harsh cold winter. So shield them with a protective layer of a lip balm. And what if I told you, that you could make your own lip balm? All you need is a few of these basic ingredients. So take 4 tbsp coconut oil, 4 tbsp Shea butter, 1/4 of a cup beeswax, 1 tsp each vanilla extract and sweet almond oil and finally some rose petals and heat them all in a pan till everything but the rose petals melt. Now pour it into a container and let it cool down. And your homemade lip balm with beautiful rose petals is ready. Store this balm in a capped container for future use as well.natural DIY beauty products 03

4. Heel repair lotion: Another skin issue that tends to get worse during winters is cracked heels. So we’ve got you an all natural heel repair remedy. Take a bowl of warmed organic honey and add 2 tbsp warm milk and the juice of 1/2 an orange to it. Stir it into a smooth paste and apply to your cracked heels. Wash it off in 45 minutes or if you wish, apply it at bedtime and leave it on overnight. Refrigerate this mixture to make it good to use for a about a month.natural DIY beauty products 04

5. Hand lotionMy hands tend to look scaly and old and rather unsightly during the winter months. So I use this really effective, homemade hand lotion to get them back into shape. Try it out for yourself. Take 1/3 cup sweet almond oil and 2 tbsp each of olive oil and coconut oil and heat them together in a pan over medium flame for about 5 minutes. Now remove from flame and add 3 tbsp grated beeswax and keep stirring until the wax completely melts into the oils. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to give it a sweet scent once the oils have cooled down slightly. Now this mix is ready to be poured into a container and leave it aside to cool down.natural DIY beauty products 05

6. BlushOur skin tends to get really sensitive during these harsh winters and using chemical based makeup only adds to the woes. So why not go all natural with our makeup too. So here comes a homemade chemical free blush for a natural looking flush. Add 2 tbsp beetroot powder to 1 tbsp corn starch. Mix them well to get rid of any clumps. Transfer this powder to a small jar and voila your homemade blush is ready.natural DIY beauty products 06

7. Lipstick: Now that we’re discussing homemade makeup, can’t get away without doing an all natural homemade lipstick. So add 1 tsp each of beeswax, Shea butter and coconut oil in a glass jar and place this jar in a bowl of simmering water on a medium flame until all the ingredients melt off completely. Now remove from flame and add a dash of color to this mix. For red color, use beetroot powder or red food color. For brown, use cocoa powder, cinnamon powder to get the desired color. Now pour this mixture into a small jar or an empty old lipstick stick while it’s still liquid and keep it aside to cool down and your lipstick is ready.natural DIY beauty products 07



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