Beauty Poll #49 – Personality based hairstyle

Take this fun quiz to find out which hairstyle suits you based on your personality. Go on then, try and answer these 5 easy questions right now!

Poll Tuesdays


If 3 or more A’s: If most of your answers are As, then the ideal haircut or style for you is a perfect straight hair look. It works with almost any kind of face shaped and is easy to just wash and straighten every morning or night :))

If 3 ore more B’s: If most of your answers are Bs, then you must try long waves. However, if your hair is short, then try layers to add more glamour to your overall fun personality! Color your hair streaks to break away from a doll-like image. Opt for a punk-look by sporting a head gear 😉 

If 3 or more C’s: You seriously need to relax a bit and have fun in life. The best way to do it is to get a sassy hair makeover.  If you have a square face cut, you need to make it your mane goal to go for cuts and looks that soften your angular facial structures. 

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