7 Natural Indian wedding makeup tips for guests

by Mansi Kohli

This winter season, try out these highly recommended makeup tips for and add glamour to your friend’s wedding!

The big fat Indian wedding is all about colors, glamour, the musical soiree and plenty of rituals, along with good food, chic ensembles and pretty makeup. If you are going to an Indian wedding and would like to stand out from the crowd sans stealing the thunder from the bride on her D-Day, here are a few wedding makeup tips for guests we have jotted down. This will help you create your own unique look, without walking over the princess touch on the bride. It’s her big day after all, and stealing the show is just not done, isn’t it?Wedding makeup tips 06

1. Maintain a proper skin care routineWe would begin with the skin care routine, since you would be at the venue all day long, so priming your skin is a must to begin with. Use a pro base primer which would even up your skin tone a little bit. In addition to that, it would also give your makeup a base to stick to on your face. It helps bring about a flawless look and preserves the makeup too; all day long.Wedding makeup tips 07

2. Apply a SPF-less foundation always: Never use SPF in your foundation; since there would be a lot of photos taken at the wedding, SPF would make the face look unnaturally too whitish, which you want to avoid at all costs. If you cannot find a foundation that has no SPF in it, choose a foundation with SPF 15. Apply the foundation all over your face and use an expert face brush to help blend the foundation into the skin.Wedding makeup tips 08

3. Conceal up those flaws: Pick up a concealer which would help cover up all the imperfections on your face. A matte concealer would be the best to use, since it wouldn’t shimmer and shine when the flash lights hit and your face wouldn’t burn in the end pictures that come in the album.Wedding makeup tips 09

4. Get that extra glow with translucent powder: Use a little translucent powder to apply a little on the chin, on the ridges of the nose and under your eyes. Use an expert brush to help blend the concealer and the powder into the skin for a flawless look.Wedding makeup tips 10

5. Focus on eyebrowsInstead of using mascara, we would opt for an invisible eyebrow gel to set the eyebrows and the lashes. This would help keep the look very natural and set the mood for a flawless touch to come through as well.Wedding makeup tips 11

6. Use primer for an au natural look: Use a pro base primer for the eyelids to begin with, and then use a pinkish peachy eye shadow to color your lids. This is a tone that matches up with any Indian ethnic wear you plan to flaunt at your BFFs wedding. The look that comes about is a very natural one too. To make your eyes look natural and sensual, just one stroke of brown or caramel kajal would do the trick.Wedding makeup tips 12

7. Pink sensuous lips: When it comes to the lips department, we would want you to keep the look natural here as well. For this, we would work on peachy-pink lips using lip gloss. Since the bride would in most cases have deep reds or plums on her lips to flaunt, you should go sober on the lips with a hint of gloss.Wedding makeup tips 13Here were the seven wedding makeup tips, which would make you stand out and glow, without stealing the show. We hope you loved our tips and tutorial on the same lines- have fun!



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