19 Gorgeous nail art designs inspired by stunning winter motifs

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Sport a winter inspired nail art design for a stylish December look!

It’s December! That time of the year when we are gearing up for the Christmas and year-end parties. We are sure of the fact that you would have probably got your winter wardrobe ready with the amazing outfits and perhaps the smokey eye makeup look has been practiced way well in advance. How about checking out a few really cool nail art designs that are inspired by December’s chilly winter season? Snowflakes, Santa, combination of festive red and green, candy canes, stockings, cold blue and seasonal flowers! Here is you chance to paint your nails with the all latest winter-inspired chic nail art designs for the upcoming months. Now, spice up your winter outfits, with nothing more than a couple of bottles of nail polish.Nail art 09

Nail art 10Some of these designs are easy to do and you don’t really need any special tools. For a perfect winter lunch date, go for a navy blue nail art with one fingernail highlighted with silver glittery nail polish. If attending a red carpet event, put on the all new caviar nail art design. For a wedding, try out the glossy red nails with black-lace-pattern, decorated with a few embellishments. And for a fun evening, apply a quirky nail art design with a snowman or a snowflake represented on only one fingernail. Go all out with bright or light colors, funky designs, your own depiction of the season. Flaunt your nails in style by styling yourself in an outfit that gels well with the nail artNail art 11

Nail art 13For a ultra-chic designer-snowflake-black-and-white nail art design, apply a base coat, and follow it up with the application of 2 coats of a black nail polish on your thumb, middle and little finger of both the hands. Now, apply three coats of white nail polish on index and ring fingers of both the hands. Just while the polish is still wet, sprinkle in some glitter on each nail. When the polish is completely dry, apply masking tape. Take the masking tape off, and embellish one or all your fingernails with metal balls or a bow-shaped nail accessory. Don’t forget to apply top coat for sealing purposes.Nail art 14

Check out some of the most amazing winter inspired nail art designs and tell us which one was your this year’s best nail art creation.



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