4 Amazing glitter eye makeup looks for winter weddings

by Richa Sharma

Try out these 4 latest glitter eye makeup looks and look smashing hot at a winter special social event!

So, all set to rock your best friend’s wedding? Are you ready with the most sexy, stunning outfit to be the cynosure of everyone’s eyes? Great! But if I tell you there’s something you can do take your dazzling diva look a notch higher? Read on, as we’ve got 4 amazing glitter eye makeup looks for you to sport this winter.glitter eye makeup 011. Silver gray glitter smokey eyes: Smokey eyes are capable of transforming you into a glam doll single handedly. So whether you choose a warmer palette of beige and browns in combination with gold or its cooler counterparts of grays and metallic silver, is totally your discretion. I would personally prefer silver and gray for its sheer exuberance. So begin with lining the natural crease of your eye with a black color making an exaggerated “>” on the outer corner of the lid. Smudge it a little with a clean brush until the half of the lid to give it a softer look. Now fill in the lid with sparkling metallic silver giving an ombré effect with silver being the lightest on the inner corner of the eye. Don’t forget to add the sparkle effect onto your lower lash line. Top it up with a dramatic wing tip eyeliner. Take this look a step further with fake eyelashes and you’re ready with your super sultry eye makeup.

2. Purple power: Purple can boast of being a hot favorite across all international runways. Besides it works brilliantly for dark eyes. So let’s get started. Pick up an eye shadow palette with tints and shades of purple ranging from pastel lilacs to vibrant plums. Begin with lining the natural crease of your eyelids with a deep purple extending it all the way from the inner corners to the outer corners of your eyes. Blend it well with a clean brush to avoid any harsh lines. Now take a softer violet shade and sweep it above this natural crease again blending it well. Fill in the rest of the lid with the same violet shade, sweeping a tad bit of it under your lower lash line as well. Next up, pick up some purple glitter accents and dab it onto your lids. These will not only glam up the look, but also add texture. Go for graphic eyeliner styles and loads of mascara and you’re done.glitter eye makeup 023. Psychedelic colors: Now this one is for the super quirky ones and those who’re keen on experimenting. Since you’re young and raring to go, think out of the box and make your eyes pop with a range of psychedelic colors on your lids. In the following tutorial we’re using neon orange, fuchsia pink and mauve. Start with sweeping some mauve eye shadow on the outer one third of your eyelid. Now add some neon orange on the inner corner and finally filling in the center of the lid with a bright fuchsia pink. Top it up with some silver glitter dust for that extra dose of oomph. Don’t forget to highlight your brow bone with a metallic silver. Add a coat or two of mascara and a simple eyeliner close to your lash line and you’re ready with your funky glitter eye makeup in psychedelic colors.glitter eye makeup 03

4. Gold glitter eyeliner: For those of you who have apprehensions about going too bold and funky, but at the same time want to include a dash of glitter in your eye makeup, the gold glitter eyeliner is for you. It’s simple, subtle, yet gives your eyes a certain edge. Start with applying a metallic beige on your brow bone and eyelid. Next up, go for a dramatic cat eyeliner in black with an exaggerated tip. Now for the glitter part, pick up a gold glitter eye pencil and draw a neat line close to the cat eyeliner starting from the center, going all the way uptil the tip. Add a teeny weeny bit of it to your lower lash line as well. Go for a generous dose of mascara and you’re done. glitter eye makeup 04



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