How to do nail spa at home in 7 easy steps

by Neha Paranjpe

This winter, bring a natural shine to your nails by doing nail spa at home! Read on to know how

Scruffy nails and unkempt hands are never a good sight. But if you are hesitant about going to a spa for a manicure and pedicure, we’ve got you covered. You no longer need to burn a hole in your pocket to achieve the perfectly primed nails. With this easy nail spa tutorial, you can give yourself and your besties an amazing manicure and pedicure at home every time.Nail spa 01

For this, you will need to start with a few basic things.

1. What you need:

Nail spa 02

2. How to give yourself a nail spa:

Once you have all your elements in place, you can start with the at-home nail spa. Not to worry, it is extremely easy, and you can do it any time.

1. Start by removing any traces of nail polish from your nails using a piece of cotton and nail polish remover. Once you have cleaned your nails of all the color, wash your hands and feet with warm water and soap to remove the excess acetone from the nail polish remover.

2. Now take some warm water in the bowl or the tub (make sure it is not too hot) and your favorite essential oils, lemon juice and shower gel to it. Now dip your hands and feet in the water and let them soak for a few minutes to soften the skin around the nails.

3. Once your nails are softened, use the nail cutter and cut your nails to the desired length and use a nail file to create the desired shape.Nail spa 03

4. Dip your hands and feet in the water again for a few minutes and then begin scrubbing. Use a rough exfoliator such as sea salt which will have an abrasive action to remove tough and dead skin. You can also use a foot scrubber to rub the sea salts into the skin.Nail spa 04

5. Dip your hands and feet into the water once again, and then wipe them off with a clean towel. And apply olive oil on your cuticles and let it sit for a few minutes. Now using a cuticle stick, push back your cuticles carefully. You can even use your nail cutter to get rid of hang nails (the skin that comes out around the nails). But remember to be careful; you may give yourself an infection if you cut yourself.Nail spa 05

6. Once again dip your hands and feet in warm water with some shower gel and essential oils to remove all traces of the olive oil and then wipe them dry. Take some thick lotion and apply it on your hands and feet to keep them well moisturized.Nail spa 06

7. For the last step, use a nail buff to make your nails shine and then apply two generous coats of your favorite nail color. Finish off with a clear nail polish to ensure that your gorgeous mani-pedi lasts for a long time.Nail spa 07

That’s all; it takes just 7 easy steps to give yourself a luxurious and relaxing nail spa from the comfort of your own home and with no extravagant expense!




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