18 Glamorous nail art designs for New Year’s eve

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

This New Year’s eve, sport a stylish nail art look and become a star of the party. Here are a few trendy designs for your inspiration!

It’s the time of the year when we are out there to party hard. A big night out when all we need it to look glamorous. Afterall, we want to welcome the coming year in style, shimmer and glamour. Whether it is a house party or a lavish night out, embrace the opportunity to dress up and look good. Look sizzling hot in a short black dress or opt for an Indo-Western fusion dress. Pick up a makeup look which is classic or you can also choose from a hip, trendier eye makeup look. A beautiful pout and an amazing nail art design. Now, that will make you look like a star. So go all out and steal the limelight.Nail art designs 159

Take a look at 18 glamorous nail art designs to flaunt on a New Year’s eve bash. Sport a midnight blue or a black nail polish with shimmer dust. Intricate designs or golden/silver embellishments for a party look are also in vogue. Basically, you can try out shades that are a true reflection of a winter party or a chilly night. One of the most simple things to do is to apply a base coat of transparent color and highlight the nail tips with a golden color. You can simply apply this on all fingers or use your creativity to make all fingers look different. There is another trick for those ladies who have very little time. Apply a base coat of black color and use different shades (neon ones will look pretty cool) to make dotted patterns on all the fingernails. If polka dots isn’t quite your style, go for a zig-zag or thunder pattern on nails. Nail art designs 160

If you are looking for something more elaborate, try out a caviar nail art design. For which, visiting a salon is a must. This nail art design is a bit tricky if you are wearing it for the first time. Trust us, once you have got it on, you will feel inspired to try it on again and again with variations. The caviar nail art is more like a heavy outfit for your nails. It really adds a special touch to your fingernails and also grabs immediate attention of the public.Nail art designs 161Here are a few more nail art designs for a lovely party look. So, which one is your favorite?



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