22 Must try medium length hairstyles for women this New Year’s Eve

by Neha Paranjpe

This New Year’s Eve, give yourself a glamorous makeover! Try out any of these 22 stunning hairstyles for women with medium length hair

Medium length hair is very versatile. You have the benefit of easy maintenance, while it is still long enough to style innovatively. So if you already have medium length hair, or are planning to chop it off to a medium length this festive season, we collected some of the best hairstyles for this length to help you out. Take a look and let us know which one you love the most.Medium length hairstyles for women 01

1. Sleek and straight: Medium hair length looks great when smoothed out and straightened. It falls beautifully to just graze the shoulders and helps to elongate the face and neck giving you a very sophisticated appearance. You can straighten your hair and leave it open as it is, or pin it back on one side to get a very chic and classy look.Medium length hairstyles for women 02

2. Loose waves: Tousled and loose waves are a great look for this hairstyle. It looks fun and flirty and the length makes it very easy to quickly style your hair as well. If you add some sea salt spray you can get gorgeous beachy waves or bed head hair in no time. Take some inspiration from these amazing loose wave hairstyles.

3. Outward blowout: As the medium length hair just falls at the shoulders, it makes it the perfect length for an outward blowout. The ends curl up just the right way to add some glamour to your style. This look works particularly well with bangs. Just style your hair using a big rounded brush and your blow dryer. Make sure the blowout at the end is large. If it is a small turn of the hair it may not suit every face. This is a great look when styled with a formal pantsuit.

4. Braided fun: Braids are always fun. And medium hair is just long enough to experiment with it too. You can braid your hair at the crown, or even pin it back with a braid. It is best not to braid the entire hair as some fly-aways and hair ends may get loose. But you can take a section of your hair and braid it in different ways to inject some fun into your look.

5. Defined curls: Curls look great on medium length hair. They give it an appearance of a vintage bob and are perfect when worn with evening gowns, sarees or lehengas. Style your hair with large or small defined curls and add some oomph to your style with a trendy hair accessory to spruce up the entire look.




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