30 Latest blouse styles for wedding season for a glamorous look

by Mansi Kohli

Quirk up your wedding glam statement with latest blouse styles!

Every aspect of the Indian bridal trousseau speaks volumes about the bride’s choice of fashion and her taste as well. Keeping that in mind, one wouldn’t want to compromise on individualism and fashion statements made at their own weddings, which is why we bring to you 30 latest blouse styles to die for. Take a look and make you pick!Latest blouse styles 01

1. Beautiful lacey blouse designs to make you a diva at your wedding: No matter how many times you wear this fabric, lace will never go out of style. Intricate and very beautiful, the humble fabric adds charm and elegance to the ensemble it is paired up with. Lacey blouses are trendy and considered elegant, and they needn’t be always transparent – an inner lining with contrast fabric can make it look more stunning, for example, a gold color lace with an emerald green lining. Works well for women who want to flaunt a little skin, keeping it chic and docile as well.

Patterns and style, three-fourth sleeved blouses with sweetheart bustier shape lining, halter necks, you could experiment with: cold shoulder sleeves, and backless styles. Glamour at its best, lehengas and sarees look chic when a lace blouse sits pretty as a set with them.

2. Spider web saree blouses are haute trends for weddings and special events: Much on the same lines of a lace or a net blouse, the spider web saree blouse is an alliteration to the divine choli and feminine show that doesn’t have qualms of being bold. A fashion tip here would be in wearing it simple and not over doing it. Keep it to minimalistic styles, a low cut back with spider web lace and front with a bustier, for example.

Do not blend two fabrics, find the blouse that matches the similar texture of the fabric – for example – if the lace is georgette, the bustier must also be georgette to keep consistency in the texture. Don’t go berserk with colors with such blouse designs; stick to mutes, blacks, grays or whites for the lace, at the max gold.Latest blouse styles 05

3. Diamond strappy bikini cholis: For the beautiful Indian women wanting to flaunt their personas in chic ways, a diamond bikini cut choli works great with sheer sarees. With regard to patterns and styles: from sequined bikini tops to shimmer fabrics, any luxury fabric works this look. Retain the charm and elegance with traditional colours of red and gold, silver and earthy tones.

Being the fact that this isn’t considered quite conservative sticking to traditional colours may work. Silhouettes wise, strappy bikini tops, bandeau style, similar to those you would commonly find in bikinis. Pair it up with a lehenga or simply wrap your saree around it as a cocktail ensemble; the haute factor comes through which is why the diamond number makes it in the trendy and latest blouse styles to emulate.

4. Mughal-inspired cape blouses: If you would like to make a statement at events and weddings this holiday season, a cape blouse to wear is a must. Intricately detailed with sequins and embroidery, the ensemble piece is a head turner for sure. Opt for the Mughal influence when it comes to colours and hues- rich luxurious, red, emerald, ruby, gold, etc. Cape blouses have a single silhouette – they fall all the way at the back till the bottom. One must experiment with sleeves and front neck styles – boat neck, plunging neck, etc. (since the back would be completely covered because of the cape).Latest blouse styles 08

5. Bow tie blouses: Bowties aren’t just the man’s domain at a formal do or gathering; women can wear them better. Cholis with back bows are cute and adorable, when worn with high neck blouses or a backless blouse that could be just tied at the back with a bow. Bows are fun and ideal for the young at heart. Go berserk with colours, prints and fabric though. However, for stiffer bows only fabrics like satin and brocade work better. chiffon, georgette, crepes may look appealing, if you want a flat low lying bow.Latest blouse styles 09Here were 30 latest blouse styles to die for, so get in touch with your seamstress and start wearing the ones you like!




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