19 Unusual dulhan mehndi designs for the modern bride

by Aarti Kapur Singh

All you brides out there, this winter, sport quirky and unusual mehndi designs!

The flipside of being a bride in the peak of wedding season is how much one has to stress over how to look and be different than the rest. Dulhan mehndi designs, like your wedding attire and jewellery, can also help you stand out.dulhan mehndi designs 48

Be unique this season. While there are some general ideas on how you could be different from the clutter, we share with you some pointers on how you can either rock the existing trends or be a trendsetter. Tone it down a bit – and if you must go really intricate, opt for unusual patterns. The peacocks, fish etc are passé. Blooming lotuses are supposed to be really in – and also a sign of tranquillity. Roses, the eternal symbol of romance also look really beautiful.dulhan mehndi designs 49Another thing to bear in mind is to leave some empty space while placing your designs. If the hand is completely covered with mehndi, the intricate design looks too busy. But if there are some carefully planned empty spaces, they will not only look delicate, but the design and its various elements will also show up better.dulhan mehndi designs 50

You could also try a mix of black mehndi with the traditional russet one. Make the outlines of your pattern with black mehndi and blend it with a russet shading. This Arabic take on mehndi looks really pretty. Why not add crystals and jewel stick-ons too. Glitter mehndi looks good – but only if added in moderation. Don’t go overboard with the bling.dulhan mehndi designs 51

Adorn those feet too for a change – even the soles that is. Hold back your laughter if it tickles. Mehndi on the soles looks really sexy. Actually why restrict it to just hand and feet. Get your creativity (and sensuality) going and adorn your neck, décolletage, belly and what have you with patterns. Moroccan brides and brides from the Middle East do that all the time. Speaking of which, India isn’t the only country in the world where mehndi is an adornment. So do take inspiration from Moroccan or Egyptian designs – they will certainly make you stand out!

Here are a few inspirations to create your own mood-board.




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