18 Cute nail art designs for the winter using toothpick

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

This winter season, try out cute nail art designs at home using a toothpick!

Now sporting a new nail art design every week is possible! How? Well, all you really need is your favorite nail polish colors and a toothpick. Zuri brings to you 18 easy to do and cute dot nail designs that are apt for this winter season. No need to step out in the chills to a nail salon. You can easily try them out at home.Nail art designs 177

Be creative and make big polkas or tiny dots, join the dots to make mini hearts or make flowers out of those tiny little dots. Give your nails a stylish twist. Try out the latest and super trendy lady bird design. Paint your nails in black, make white dots using a toothpick and instead of a regular French manicure, go for red tips. Isn’t that cool?Nail art designs 178

In order to achieve the perfect nail art design using a toothpick, follow these instructions:

1. Clean your nails: Use a nail polish remover for the same. Make sure there is no old paint left on the edges.

2. Give your nails a shine: Choose your favorite shine & apply it on your fingernails.

3. Pick up the toothpick: Now, dip the pointed edge of the toothpick in your choice of bright colored nail polish and start your favorite design.

Top tip: Make sure your hands aren’t too shaky. Keep them firm when it comes to making dots on a small canvas. Additionally- leave your hands free after having applied the nail polish with a toothpick. In this weather, it takes time to dry them off instantly. Also, once the nail paint is dry, apply single top coat to seal the designNail art designs 179

You can make little stars, flowers, honey drops, go quirky with vibrant animal prints, rosary, rainbows and what not. The real purpose of using a toothpick really is to make dots and eventually join them to make lines (depending upon the design you have in mind). Now, glam up your nails with the assistance of a toothpick. 

Do you want to get inspired by these easy-to-do, super cute nail art designs at home? Well, then look at the designs especially handpicked for all you lovely ladies out there. Happy Winters!





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