22 Mind-blowing Dulhan mehndi designs for hands and feet

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

This wedding season, choose from these 22 splendid Dulhan mehndi designs. Look stunning on your Mehndi Night and wedding day!

Mehndi ceremony happens to be one of the most exciting pre-wedding functions for any bride-to-be as well as her friends and relatives. Indian traditions emphasize a lot on the mehndi ritual. And why shouldn’t it be this way? Afterall, mehndi is one of the most important adornments of the bride. This wedding season, Zuri has handpicked 22 mind-blowing mehndi designs which are not only stunning but have clear Dulha-Dulhan (groom and bride) motifs. Distinctive, beautiful, intricate and extremely bridal in every possible way. Dulhan mehndi designs 67Some of the designs are pretty simple. They are for those brides who prefer minimalist design theme. Nevertheless, these patterns are also pretty difficult to apply. Most of these designs are Arabic or Moroccan in nature. They are well-spaced out, but then require a skilled mehndi artist to apply such designs on hands and feet.Dulhan mehndi designs 68

Mehndi is actually like a customized jewellery for a bride. These days it’s more of an accessory that is being flaunted not just on hands and feet but even on the wrist- like a bracelet, ankle- like an anklet, neck- as a necklace. Other than the standard mehndi designs such as Marwari, Rajasthani, African, Arabic and Pakistani designs, even tattoo mehndi is gaining a lot of popularity among brides. To give mehndi design a heavy look, a lot of girls prefer embellishments, such as crystals, colors, glitter, stickers, beads, etc.Dulhan mehndi designs 69Here, most of the designs are a depiction of Rajputana and Marwari traditions. These designs are not just intricate, but they are also telling a beautiful tale of Indian history, represent floral patterns, leaves, mirror images of each other, paisleys, heads of bride and groom, lord Ganesha, shehnai (trumpet), dholak (drum) and many other auspicious motifs.Dulhan mehndi designs 70Arabic and Pakistani mehndi designs are also much in demand these days. As mentioned earlier, its all because they are not cluttered and their application is less time consuming. These designs are well-outlined, have a certain symmetrical appeal to them. Arabic mehndi design in particular spreads from the palm and onto the back of the hand, giving a really elegant look and revealing a bit of the skin area.Dulhan mehndi designs 71Take a look at a mix of traditional Rajasthani/Marwari as well as modern Arabic mehndi designs and draw your inspiration from such beautiful mehndi designs.

So, which one are you going to sport on your Mehndi Night? Celebrate this one occasion with great pomp and show 🙂





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