Top 8 Stunning smokey eye makeup with different colors

by Aarti Kapur Singh

Check out 8 stunning, sizzling hot smokey eye makeup looks using trendy colors!

Eyes are considered the window to your soul. This is perhaps why we never look fully dressed till we apply a kajal or liner or shadow or a mix of both. Smokey eye makeup is just that – a perfect mix of eye-enhancing beauty products. It not only looks sexy and stylish, but adds a magnetism to your eyes.

Smokey eye makeup can either be your best buddy (if you have practiced hard enough to be able to do it well) or your worst enemy (badly done smokey eyes can make you look like a raccoon). Love it or loathe it – it is the Little Black Dress of makeup – it works everywhere if you know how to carry it well. If you are a beginner to the hypnotic world of smokey eyes, starting with a color palette will be a good idea. Unlike jet black, bright colors don’t make it look like you have two black eyes, when you overdo the shading. Color is not such a bad idea after all!Smokey Eye make up 34

How to achieve the smokey eye makeup —

  • Always prep the surface of the skin with an eye shadow base for stay-put power.
  • It makes sense to apply your foundation and under-eye concealer after your smokey eye makeup, since the color so easily falls down around the eyes. Dark colors have a tendency to smear on freshly applied foundation. If you carefully apply your foundation first, all your efforts could be wasted when bits of shadow come raining down. So make up your eyes before the rest of your face!
  • The darkest eye shadow can be applied all over the eye lid, or in the crease, depending upon the shape of your eye and the look you desire. Applying dark color in the crease and blending it upward and outward toward the brow-bone elongates round eyes and gives the, depth (especially suited if you have small eyes).
  • For a standard gray-black smokey eye, you can try pewter eye shadow all over the lid, charcoal in the crease and keep the brow bone light.
  • Line the upper lashes from corner to corner; line the lower lashes just three quarters of the way, beginning from the outer corner of the eye.
  • Layering your eyeliner with different products of the same shade (pencil, powder, liquid) will give your look staying power.Smokey Eye make up 35

Choose the right colors

Here are a few looks

1. NavyNavy is a good shade to begin your foray into color. Keep it gentle and use neutral eye shadow to gently play up the color.

2. Hint of Blue: Here is another one in which the color won’t shout out. The blue patch is a great stepping stone for building up your color threshold.Smokey Eye make up 37

3. Pinks and PurplesIf you think pink and purple can only be sweet, this vibrant eye with a dominant cat’s eye eyeliner makes it anything but cute!Smokey Eye make up 38

4. Sunset Desert: How exotic! Just check out the warm sunset colors. Top it up with thick kohl and this is my absolute favorite!Smokey Eye make up 39

5. Soft and Shaded: Channel delicate orchid petals with this look that combines three different colors. The delicate eyeliner defines the shape of the eye.Smokey Eye make up 40

6 Glittery Gel: Add a dash of glitter for an evening do to your smokey eye to take it to the next level of gorgeousness.Smokey Eye make up 41

7. Rainbow Dreams: Go for every color under the rainbow to uplift your eyes. But beware – this look works best if you wear a nude lip color and a solid colored outfit.

8 Neon PopMake your eyes pop with color, literally. And let only your eyes do the talking. This is ideal for a spring or summer wedding.Smokey Eye make up 44
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