3 Easy Steps To Wearing Ombre Lip Makeup On Your Mehndi Night

by Richa Sharma

This winter, sport a stylish lip makeup look at your own or friend’s mehndi night

So you’ve already tried ombre hair, ombre nails and ombre eye makeup? Then it’s time for you to try out ombre lips now. And what better occasion than your mehndi night to try this trending hot fashion.lip makeup 01

By ombre lip makeup we basically mean giving your lips a gradient color using two tones of lipstick, to make your lips look sultry and fuller. With ombre lips we’re aiming at bringing all attention to that super seductive pout of yours, so it is really important that your lips are in good shape. We would recommend you exfoliate your lips to get rid of dry, chapped lips before you start with your ombre lip makeup. Also, prepping your lips with a primer would do a lot of good as it helps your lipstick stay put and brings out the color even better.

Style 1

There are two ways of doing ombre lips. The first one would be a gradient color that moves horizontally from dark to light from the outer corners of the lips to the center. Here is a step by step tutorial:

1. Begin with lining your lips with a lip liner shade that’s close to the lip color you’ve chosen for your lips. This will not only give your lips definition, but also keep your lipstick from bleeding and feathering. In case you have thin lips, use the lip liner slightly outside your natural lip line to give them an illusion of being bigger and fuller.

2. Next up, pick up two contrasting shades of the same color family and begin with filling the darker shade in the outer corners of the lips. Use a lip brush for the same. Darker corners and a light color in the middle will add dimension to your lips.

3. Now take the lighter of the two shades and fill in the center of the lips with a lip brush, blending it with the darker shade to give it a gradual effect and doing away with any harsh lines that can make you look OTT. And you’re done.lip makeup 02

Style 2

Another way of doing ombre lips would be a gradient effect that moves vertically from dark to light from the natural lip line to the middle of the lips. So let’s get started.

1. We begin with lining the natural lip line with a liner, but this time with a color that’s one or two shades darker than the color you intend to fill in the lips. A quick tip to make your lips look more voluptuous would be lining your lower lip slightly thicker on the outer corners and tapering it down towards the center.

2. Next up, pick up the darker of the two tones of lipstick and using a lip brush fill in the color with careful strokes, along your just lined lips, leaving room for another color to step in.

3. Now pick the lighter shade and fill in the middle of the lips, blending well to make the color shift look gradual. You could choose to go for a gloss on the top for that extra dose of oomph. And Voila, you’re ready to rock your sangeet night with your ombre lip makeup.lip makeup 03



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