17 Unique Nail Art Designs To Sport On Lohri

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Check out 17 unique, stylish and vibrant nail art designs for the occasion of Lohri

Lohri is a festival celebrated with great fervor in northern parts of India. Punjabis in particular rejoice this great festival by lighting a bonfire, dancing around it and basically making merry with good dinner feast, and traditional music. With the temperature anywhere between 0 to 8 degrees, getting all the warmth from the freshly lit wooden fire, meeting and greeting friends as well as nibbling on peanuts, jaggery and popcorn, now that’s what Lohri is all about. So, this winter, on a special occasion such as this one, decorate your nails in red, orange and related fiery colors. Zuri brings to you 17 amazing, festive, bright and wonderful nail art designs.Nail art designs 195

Get creative! Try out a quirky nail art design or a simple nail art design that depicts bonfire, or the vibrancy associated with Happy Lohri. Whether you have beautiful long nails or neat short ones, just sport a spectacular nail art design in style. Some of our recommended designs are easy-to-do, while others might need professional help. Besides, a good nail art design might appear cumbersome and time consuming, however, as a beginner you must first try out simple ones at home. Later on, feel free to customize the designs basis the tools or the embellishments you have.Nail art designs 196

We wouldn’t want you to give your nails a dull, boring feel. Afterall, Lohri is all about enjoying the season in it’s full warm glory. So, pick up a smart cozy outfit, could be all-Indian or an Indo-Western fusion. Instead of a monochrome paint, let your friends and family get to see the artistic side of your’s!Nail art designs 197

Choose from coral reds to ombre red and orange shades or a striking combination of cold blue and bright red. Show it off with a pair of stylish black pants and ethnic tunic-top. Achieve that ‘perfect’ balance with a stunning makeup for Lohri night and accessorize well.

Here is another highly recommended nail art look. Take red nail polish and apply it to just one finger. Now let it dry. Follow it up with the application of a strip of golden nail polish. You can apply some glitter too. Now, take that same golden nail polish and paint all the other nails with it. There is simply no embellishment more perfect for a true diva than sequins. For a bohemian look on Lohri, go for an evening, flowy gown, wear a statement neck piece and paint your nails with a loud orange shade. Then use your creativity and stick rainbow-colored sequins onto your nails in any arrangement. And, there you go, you lovely free-spirited young lady.

Take a look at some of the best nail art designs for the Lohri function.

Happy Lohri!




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