Your Ultimate Guide To Glitter Makeup

by Neha Paranjpe

Glitter is in! So, might as well sport it this Lohri. Learn how to achieve a stunning makeup look in 9 easy steps

With Lohri just a few days away, its time you started preparing in advance and finalize your makeup styles for the festive occasion. One trend you can try out this year is glitter makeup. Wear your glitz and glam with pride and show off your amazing makeup skills to everyone present at the Lohri festivities.Glitter makeup 01

Before you start reading this step by step glitter makeup tutorial, we would like to give you a word of caution. If you are planning to wear glitter eye makeup, ensure the glitter is only restricted to this one part. If you try glittery nail, lips or clothes, it may look over done. So focus on your peepers and you are sure to dazzle.

The Ultimate Guide To Glitter Makeup —

Step 1:

Start by choosing your eye shadow and your glitter colors and shades. Make sure that the glitter matches the eye shadow and does not stand out and look odd. It should blend well with the base colors. Gold, silver and black are the easiest glitter shades to match with most eye shadow colors. Chose two shades of the final eye shadow you decide to go with in a lighter and a darker shade.Glitter makeup 02

Step 2:

Start by prepping your eyelids with eye primer. This helps to create a firm base for the makeup as the glitter is quite likely to keep falling off. Apply it all over the eyelid and blend it in with your ring finger.

Step 3:

Now start by applying your eye shadow base. Start by applying the lighter color close to the lashes and till the crease. Then apply the darker shadow of the outer corner of the eye and blend it into the crease to create a slightly smokey effect.Glitter makeup 03

Step 4:

Now using an ear bud, apply small amounts of Vaseline or gel on the eyelid where you want to apply the glitter. Do not blend this or smudge it as it may affect the eye shadow application. Just apply it in small dots all over the desired area.Glitter makeup 04

Step 5:

Use a small brush and dip it into the glitter you have chosen. Lightly dust it over the eyelid where you have applied the Vaseline so that it sticks properly. One trick is to hold a piece of tissue paper right under the eye so that it can catch any glitter that may fall onto your cheeks.Glitter makeup 05

Step 6:

Use a brighter shade of glitter or eye shadow depending on the intensity of the makeup you desire and apply it lightly on the inner corner of your eye to make them look brighter.

Step 7:

If you wish to embellish your glitter makeup look further, you can even purchase embellishments like stick on sequins and apply them near the outer corner of your eye to create a stunning effect.Glitter makeup 06

Step 8:

Since you have applied glitter on the upper lash line, it is quite difficult to apply eye liner. And applying kajal on just the lower waterline may make your eyes look odd. Instead using an angled brush, dip it into the darker shade of eye shadow you used and apply it just below the lower lash line. This helps to define the eyes and make them look wider even without the use of eye liner.Glitter makeup 07

Step 9:

Finish off the look with two coats of mascara or fake lashes as you prefer and you are all set to sparkle along with the bonfire at this year’s Lohri celebrations.Glitter makeup 08




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