4 Trendy And Sleek Makeup Looks For A Happy Lohri Night

by Richa Sharma

Look stylish and trendy with sleek makeup looks on the festive night. Wishing you a very Happy Lohri ladies!

With the winter season in its full bloom, it’s time to welcome the Punjabi festival of Lohri. It’s time to dance around the bonfire and relish the mouth watering gajak, rewari and til laddus & wish each other Happy Lohri. Punjabis are known to be full of fervor and this also reflects in the way they dress up. So bring out your Patiala salwaars, phulkari dupattas and Punjabi juttis. And why leave makeup behind. Take your pick from the below ideas as we get you 4 trendy and sleek makeup looks for a Happy Lohri night.Happy Lohri 01

1. Gold eye shadow and scarlet lips: If there’s one eye shadow shade that can never go wrong for Indian skin tones, then it’s the metallic gold. And pairing it with scarlet lips makes for an ultra glam look. So begin with applying foundation to a clean face. Now swipe some metallic gold eye shadow on the entire lid. Top it up with glitter accents, for that ultimate glam diva look. Go for a cat eyeliner and loads of mascara. Now pick up a highly pigmented, glossy red lipstick and apply two coats of it with a lip brush. Give a touch of gold dust, right in the middle of the lips to take it a notch higher. And you’re done.

2. Copper smokey eyesCopper is another color that works brilliantly for Indian skin tones. So again, start with applying a base onto your skin, followed by a peach blush. Now for the smokey eyes, begin by highlighting the brow bone with a matte beige. Next up use an angular brush to apply a dark brown eye shadow on the outer ‘>’ of the eyes. Now fill in the rest of the lid with a metallic copper shade, taking it all the way beyond the natural crease and carefully blending it with the brown.

Add some shimmery copper until your natural crease. Top it up with a wing tip eyeliner and fake eyelashes and you’re done with your eye makeup. As for your lips, keep them understated by applying a coat of nude or pale pink gloss as it is always recommended that you highlight only one feature on your face.Happy Lohri 02

3. Barely there makeup look: For those of you prefer the minimal, not so made up, no makeup look, but want to look glowing and radiant at the same time, we have the super soft, dewy barely there makeup. Now barely there doesn’t mean you won’t need to apply any makeup. In fact, the idea is to give you a flawless, luminescent skin. And to achieve that feat, begin with applying concealer to a clean, moisturized face, followed by a thin veil of foundation.

Next up, pick up a skin highlighter, preferably with a gold undertone and swipe it on to the high points of your face, like the cheek bones, brow bone, bridge of the nose etc. Apply a thin eyeliner close to your eyelashes if you must and loads of mascara. Go for glossy lips in soft pinks and corals and you’re ready to dazzle like a star.Happy Lohri 03

4. Gothic look: Now this look is definitely not for the faint hearted. As the name suggests, it’s bold, striking and slightly in your face. So if you’re keen on going dramatic, then try this look with smoldering dark eyes and a garish deep berry pout. As usual, start by dabbing on some foundation. Now begin with your eye makeup by swiping a layer of charcoal gray on the entire lid, with an elongated ‘>’ on the outer corners of your eyes. Sweep a dash of it under your lower lashline too.

Next up, go for a graphic eyeliner style and oodles of mascara. Now for your lips, we usually suggest to go for pale lips with a dramatic eye makeup, but since this is the Goth look, we will go for a bold mouth in deep berry or marsala. Keep the rest of your face bare and voila, you’re done.Happy Lohri 04




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