Best way to apply eye makeup without using eyeliner

by Richa Sharma

Eye makeup without an eyeliner? Is that possible? Absolutely! Take a look at the best way to apply such makeup

Not each one of us is a pro at applying eyeliner. No matter how much we love those graphic eyeliner styles, most of us just can’t muster up the courage to use the eyeliner stick on our lids. Shaky fingers, fidgety hands and we end up looking like a black eyed raccoon rather than a glam diva. So the question arises, is it possible to get beautiful looking eyes without using an eyeliner? The answer is yes! Just follow these tips as we bring you best way to apply eye makeup without using an way to apply eye makeup 01

1. Primer: The best way to apply eye makeup is by first prepping your lids with a primer. Primer makes for an excellent base for the eye shadow to cling to and helps it last longer. Moreover, it brings out the color even more vivid.

2. Eye Shadow: Now pick up an eye shadow shade of your choice. Now whether you like a softer look in pastel pink or a sultry one with a combination of black and gold is up to your discretion. So if you choose a pastel shade, apply it onto the entire lid, dabbing a dash of metallic silver on the tear duct for a fresh, girlie look. And if you want to go all dramatic, start with a black eye shadow on the natural crease, extending all the way to the outer “<” of your eyes, blending it with a clean brush to avoid any harsh lines. Now pick up a metallic gold and fill in the rest of your eye lid. Add a teeny weeny bit of gold under the lower lash line as way to apply eye makeup 02

3. Kajal: Next up, use a waterproof kajal to line your water line. We recommend you go for a thick line to add definition to your eyes. Another way to make your eyes look even more intense without using an eyeliner, is to tight line them. By tight lining we mean, lining the insides of your upper lash line. Just pull up your eyelid with a finger, and start lining the insides of the upper lash line with small careful way to apply eye makeup 03

4. Mascara: Now it’s time to do your lashes. So pick up a mascara of your choice, be it curling, lengthening or voluminizing and apply two coats of it onto your lashes. Don’t forget your lower lashes too. Mascara is one product that can works like wonders for your eye makeup. It adds drama to your eyes while opening them up at the same time, giving them an illusion of being bigger than they actually are. Also use the mascara wand horizontally to separate any eyelashes that may have stuck way to apply eye makeup 04

5. Eyebrows: Now there’s another aspect of eye makeup that most people tend to ignore. Yes, it’s your eyebrows. Make sure that your eyebrows are well kept and in good shape. In case you have sparse eye brows, use an eye shadow in dark brown or taupe and fill in the gaps to give your brows a more fuller look. This will accentuate your eyes even way to apply eye makeup 05So these were a few simple tricks and tips on doing your eye makeup without using an eyeliner. Try them out and get ready to be a head turner.



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