Beauty Poll #52 – Identify your skin type

Take this simple quiz to identify your skin type for a better skin care regime, especially during winter season!Poll Tuesdays


If most of your answers are A’s: You have a dry-flaky skin. Gentle cleansing and properly moisturizing it can prevent it from getting dull. Opt for homemade facials, such as olive oil and yogurt mixture. Apply it for deep cleansing atleast once a week. Also, avoid scrubs. Scrubbing can damage the skin leaving it more flaky than before.

If most of your answers are B’s: You have a combination to oily skin. You should do proper skin cleansing with lukewarm water to prevent clogs. Avoid harsh products that can strip your skin of moisture leaving it dull and flaky. Try cucumber juice as a natural skin care remedy for an instant glow.

If most of your answers are C’s: Your skin type is normal and that makes you quite lucky. This type of skin has a clear, fine-textured, supple and smooth surface, neither greasy nor dry. It glows with an inner health, which stems from good blood circulation and excellent health. Having said that, such skin-type is easily prone to aging and wrinkling. Wash and moisturize your skin on daily basis. Besides, also, go for clay masks for an instant skin glow!

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