5 Amazing lipstick shades to be included in bridal makeup

by Aarti Kapur Singh

5 Lipstick shades that are ‘in’ and are a must-include in latest bridal makeup looks!

Her wedding day is just one of the many days when a girl would like to put her best face forward. The to-be-bride is also expected to look the best at the many ceremonies, events, parties and get-togethers that precede the wedding. Apart from the outfits, bridal makeup is a crucial part of looking good. And among all the makeup essentials, the right lipstick is the most vital. Your lip color is of top importance when it comes to completing your look. bridal makeup 12

Choosing the perfect lip color – 

Wedding festivities are the days to sport all the bright and bold colors that make you look the best in the pictures, as anything pale or light can completely wash you out. While choosing lip colors for Indian bridal makeup there are many things that have to be kept in mind, like the outfit, skin tone, fair, medium or dark and also the rest of makeup done on face like eye shadows and blush used. While there may be some personal favorite shades, here is the definitive guide that includes traditional shades popular for a bridal vanity box as well as some modern ones that promise to stay in fashion for a while. 

1. Nudes: Now you see it, now you don’t! That is the beauty of this sexy shade of lipstick for your bridal makeup. This is one of the perfect colors for every soon-to-be bride. While choosing a nude shade, do keep in mind that the nudes that appear as if you have wiped off your lipstick are not the correct choice. Make sure that the shade goes well with your skin tone. Just like your foundation, nude lipsticks come in different shades too; like beige, ivory, honey, sheer, etc. They are available in matte, glossy and shimmery finishes to match your outfit. Best to go for glossy finishes than matte in nude shades.

Zuri recommends: Enhance your eye makeup (go for smokey eyes) and bronzer if you choose to keep the lips nude.bridal makeup 13

2. Pinks: With shades of pink, you can never go wrong. Be it for your wedding or engagement or your cocktail party. Fuchsia, baby pink, orchid pink, rose pink or hot pink, there is a pink for every woman, occasion, outfit and mood! However, if your complexion is dusky, do try on different shades before the actual event to see which one goes well with the outfit. Avoid pastel shades if you are dusky as you are lucky to be able to carry of really bright and neon shades.

Zuri recommends: Play with contrasts. For example, wear a hot pink lipstick with a turquoise or royal blue outfit, or fuchsia with an orange or green outfit.

3. Reds: There is no bride that can get married without a red lipstick! This racy shade is a safe bet for all traditional outfits, no matter what color you choose. Make sure you choose a moisturizing lipstick to avoid the shabby, cracked look at the creases.  Whether you choose a just-bitten lip stain or a sheer or matte lipstick, you can find a sultry shade that complements your beautiful features. Opt for shades that go well with your skin tone, and let your confident, feminine, sexy self shine through.

Zuri recommends: When wearing a bright red lipstick, keep the rest of the makeup subtle to avoid the over-the-top look.

4. PlumsDark and glossy lip stick adds warmth and chic charm in girl’s appearance. Plum is your color if you wish to be bold and subtle at the same time. Burgundy and plum shades add pop of color with elegance and cool-ish look. With simple eye makeup, this deep shade on your lips will give a super sexy look with any outfit. Plum rose, uptown mauve, chilled burgundy, black cherry, velvet volt and raspberry rush are amazing shades of plum lipstick rock your glamorous look.  Sugar plum fairy, smoked purple and plum orchid  are shades best for darker tone women.

Zuri recommends: Choose a glossy or shimmery plum shade to be the center of attention.

5. Chocolates: The chocolate variety of brown is a must in every soon-to-be bride’s makeup case. You can team the choco-brown shade with Indian as well as western wear. Chocolate brown works so well with any type of outfit, bringing out your natural beauty while still definitely looking “made up”.

Zuri recommends: Go for a super glossy choco-brown to enhance your look. Mattes are not the best choice for special occasions.bridal makeup 20

6. Special Colors: Asides from the safe bets, choose a couple of shades to match your outfits. Corals, marsalas, berries, golds etc. come in this category. They can either be used alone or in combination with other lipstick colors to create your own unique shades. A too light red can be deepened with a brown or wine-colored shade. You can give a dull or too dark red a little pizzazz with a pop of gold gloss or lighten dark red with pink or beige.bridal makeup 21




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