5 Awesome lip makeup tricks to get a pout instantly

by Mansi Kohli

Don’t have a natural pout to flash for those selfies? Try one of these 5 lip makeup tricks for to achieve an instant pout.

From Giselle Bundchen to Angelina Jolie, Adriana Lima to Kangana Ranaut, Shraddha Kapoor to Priyanka Chopra and many more leading ladies of the silver screen, we’ve seen them all pout with family and friends when selfies are taken. But not all of us are lucky enough to have lips so luscious and pouty, to flaunt for the cameras. Don’t lose hope and don’t despair, here are 5 lip makeup tricks to get a pout instantly and you would be glad using them too.Lip Makeup 01

1. Let’s begin with tissue stimulation: What you need for tissue stimulation is a gloss that pumps the lips, and one that should have herbal or spicy touches in it. A little tingle and a little sting wouldn’t kill for sure, and in the long run wouldn’t have harmful effects on the lip skin too. Remember to only apply as much as you can manage. You don’t want to have a painful look at the end of the day, from all the tingles and stings.Lip Makeup 02

2. Instant pouty lips sans surgery: Yes, you don’t need to go under the knife for pouty lips to attain. Here’s a mini tutorial on how to get those pouty lips you so desire to flaunt. With a light nude pencil, line the outer part of the lips. Next, the center part of the lips is where we shall dab a little translucent powder with the help of an applicator brush. Use the nude pencil to define the cupids’ brow and the lower lip line. Now take a darker lip pencil and fill the lips, over the powdered area too. Finish off by filling both the lips with sheer lip gloss.Lip Makeup 03

3. Boost a little collagen to the lips: Before you apply sheer lip gloss or lipstick, you should remember to remove the dead skin cells on the lip skin- reason why the plummy pouty effect doesn’t come through. So what you should do is to begin with mixing a tablespoon of sugar with a teaspoon of honey or coconut oil. Rub the mixture on the lips for a minute or two, gently scrubbing the lips off the dead cells. Wash off with cold water and wait for a second, before applying your lipstick. The blood circulation now would be on full swing, making the lips pouty and sexy. Collagen boosted, pouty lips attained- how easy was that?Lip Makeup 04

4. More pouts sans the botox: You don’t have to spend a bomb on botox injections to get full and plump lips, there is a holistic way to attain the same. For this recipe or trick you would need a pinch of cinnamon, added to a teaspoon of petroleum jelly. Mix the two together and exfoliate the lips with it for a minute, very gently. Stop and repeat three times, and the desired pout would come through. Now think about all the time and money you would save, not attending one of those painful botox sessions?Lip Makeup 05

5. Medium to light makes the lips pouty and right: One of the easiest makeup hacks or lip makeup tricks to use should you want a little pout and plump touches to the lips would be to stick to light tones and colors. This would help make the lips appear luscious and full, especially when medium tones and light tones on lipsticks are used. If you use dark colors, you would end up with lip thinning and not lip pout filling.Lip Makeup 06So ladies, think again before cutting that check for a lip surgery, lip enhancement or a botox session so painful. If you can emulate and use these 5 lip makeup tricks to get a pout instantly, we would be the happiest for you.




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